Mar 5, 2013

tiptoe through the tulips

 audrey hepburn on the set of breakfast at tiffany's
 c. 1950s, 1955 ford thunderbird
 unknown, mick jagger
from tumblr
frederick's of hollywood c. 1960
by ben giles, francoise hardy
The Kennedy's
the beatles, unknown
from tumblr

~*~*~march/spring vibes~*~*~
Spring is coming! Well, in Texas it goes from winter to summer most of the time... Anyways, a new season means new vibes. When I think of spring I think of lots of pastels (especially pinks and blues), flowers, Audrey Hepburn, the 1950s, picnics, festivals, vintage hats, Jackie Kennedy, etc. Though there was hardly a winter this year, I'm looking forward to spring. An another note I will probably be going to the Rookiemag meet-up in Austin during Spring Break, AHHH!!!! 
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  1. Ahh, lucky. I don't thing Rookie has ever had a meet-up in Vancouver. Maybe I should organize one, but I suck at that. Anyways, if you go, have fun!

  2. love love love your blog<33
    new follower here :)



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