Jun 8, 2015

the song is over

Howdy, strangers!
my outfit:
vintage scarf
thrifted shirt
Forever21 skirt
Forever21 tights
thrifted shoes
Cass' outfit:
Kohls jacket
vintage dress
Forever21 boots
I don't really have an excuse for why haven't been posting. I guess I've been figuring out what I want and don't want in my life. It's not much of an excuse but that's all I got. It's like a bubble of negative energy always seems to follow me. I try to ignore and stay positive, but it's not as easy as it sounds. So far I really hate driving. I'm not that good at it either because my anxiety leaves me tense and in a constant mode of panic. It's okay though. I have to do this and I will get through it like everything else. When it comes to my outfits, I haven't been too crazy at all. I miss it a lot but it just isn't worth it sometimes because of the weather. And I usually just go to work and I have to wear mainly black and white. I've also done something a little new with my hair. When I was re-dyeing it I was inspired by my favorite bubble bar, ultraviolet. That being said, my hair is now a dark purple with dark blue roots and a hidden section of green in the back. Now I'm just waiting to grow out my hair. It's funny because I never thought I would miss it but I really do! You never appreciate something until it's gone I guess. On the bright side, I plan to post on here more again.