Aug 31, 2012

through the years

First day of school attire. jacket: vintage dress: thrifted socks: target shoes: bass 
I forgot what it was like to wake up at 5.30 in the morning.
my watch with unicorns

Today was the first day of my junior year, and it made me realize how much has happened in the past two years. And I'm not going to lie to you: high school is hard, but life goes on. Take it in stride.

Freshman year: When I was a freshman I realized how out of place I would be and I accepted it. I was really awkward and dorky, but who wasn't their freshman year? I got teased a lot, but it didn't bother me because unlike a lot of people in my school- I knew who I was. That year I didn't really know what 'fashion sense' meant, but I knew what made me happy and I started to expand my wardrobe and music taste. In the middle of the year I decided I wanted to be pretty and less 'dorky' so I dyed my hair blonde (I had brownish hair) and started wearing vintage dresses. Now I knew it wasn't going to be like a John Hughes movie, but I didn't think it would be so dull. I looked forward to electives (theatre, art, german) and also english and history because I find them interesting. I never looked forward to science or math. Not because I was bad at it but because I found it uninteresting and irrelevant for what I wanted to do. Freshman year I decided I didn't want to go to college and I just wanted to roam around and play drums in people's bands and sell vintage clothing.
I can feel the awkward-ness through the pictures. This was long before I straightened my hair or found products to make my hair less frizzy.
Sophomore year: I realized I wanted to go to college. Not for any particular reason, I just wanted to do it because it seemed like the right choice, and it seemed interesting. I knew I wanted to do something very interesting and I decided that I wanted to study fashion and writing because I like those things. Though I really enjoy music, I don't think I could take a class about it... Overall the year was good. I didn't feel as awkward in theatre, I could talk to people easier, and I was taking a college level class (AP). At the end of the year I took the AP World History exam and it was really difficult. I don't like tests, and I've never been good at them so I was very discouraged about taking AP the next year. Luckily I discovered that dual credit (another form of college courses) were available at my school. I was no longer discouraged. The way I dressed had started to be fitting to my personality, and my hair had started to grow out (my grandma cut it right before freshman year and it was a lot shorter than what I wanted...but that's okay! hair grows out). Even though I didn't care what people thought of me last year, sophomore year was when I was finally comfortable in my own skin.
Sophomore year was mainly me experimenting with new ways to do my hair. It was a success (I think).
Junior year: It's finally here! Just two more years! So it's junior year and I'm still awkward and dorky, but at least I'm comfortable in my own skin when it comes to clothing and personality and pretty much everything else you worry about when you're a teenager. Everything seems to be going well and I'm only worried about algebra II and physics. Even though it's only been two years I feel like I've learned a lot from high school. Being around all of the teenagers that are raging with hormones is never too dull. It's really fascinating that some of these people are my age. Some act much younger, some act much older, and of course some really act like hormone-raging sixteen year olds. Though the people at my school all dress similar, everyone's different, and I just think that's the coolest thing (even if I don't enjoy being around them). Sure a lot of teens come off as 'all the same' but I've never met anyone who's had a doppleganger. Yes, there's cliques and people try really hard to fit in (I haven't figured that one out yet) and they all seem like clones, but everyone is so unique in their own way. Whether they like it or not. You know, I don't know what'll happen this year, but I hope it'll be good, and if it's not- I'll make the best of it. No big deal.

Aug 29, 2012

replay all day, everyday



So the other night  Replay on 19th and Southmorehouse Presents had a Vintage Shooting Gallery event, and even though I was only there for a few hours it was so much fun (I had physics homework I had to do. gross i know)! Everyone was trying on and hanging out in vintage clothes. There were photographers everywhere and a little set-up to where you could model and what not. It was so amazing to be around all these wonderful people who appreciated the vintage lifestyle since I don't know too many people who do. The two and half hours I was there, it felt like I was in a different time. Everyone was dressed so groovy and the music was excellent (David Bowie, Led Zep, and many many more)! What's even better is that if you modeled, you got 30% off the clothing you modeled in if you wanted to buy them! (I ended up buying the yellow shirt and the clam metal belt) But the best part (by far) was the people there. Of course everyone who works there are cool cats and they are so nice to everyone and of course they know how to throw a party! All of the guests were so zazzy and swell, too. I can honestly say there was nothing bad about this night except that it didn't last forever.

Aug 22, 2012

oh, sweet nothing

For the first time all summer I've had a lazy week. Besides watching bad reality shows with my mom, I've been keeping busy with DIYS and crafty things. On saturday I went to the Leo Party at Super Happy Fun Land with L.M. Strange (who took some really amazing photos) and that was super fun (the only non-lazy thing I've done this week besides going school clothes shopping).  Tomorrow I'm helping my sister move into her dorm in college. Ahhh I'm getting so old, what is happening? I'm going to (most likely) be in college in the next two years! That's pretty crazy to imagine, but I'm excited for it. Maybe I just get excited over everything. Who knows? Anyways I've collected a folder on my computer of pictures that sum up what I've been up to in the past week or so. (I swear if it wasn't for my blog I would be so unorganized with my computer)
Since I'm a leo I got to cut the cake with fellow leo, Oliva (co-owner of Super Happy Fun Land)

I swear that little girl was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life, plus her name was Pixie. She was one cool cat.

I DIY'd a denim jacket, and words cannot describe how happy I am with it. I can't wait for the weather to cool off so I can wear it.

School clothes.

I don't know if it's considered a 'DIY' but I did it myself so I guess it could. I have a bad obsession with flowers (especially fake ones) and I've been glueing them on miscellaneous pictures of famous people (Keith Moon, Mick Jagger, Al Pacino). 

I redecorated the top of my dresser, and I'm pleased on how it came out.

My shrine I made for Edie Sedgwick.

Aug 18, 2012

Sixteen Candles

Hat: Etsy, top: TJ Maxx, shorts: vintage, socks: Target, shoes: thrifted

So I'm finally 16, but I don't feel any different! Maybe it's because I'm mentally 65, who knows. I used my birthday as an excuse to listen to all the great "sixteen songs" (Sixteen Candles by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Sweet Little Sixteen by Chuck Berry, etc). Teenagers (girls at least) always make a big deal about being 16 and throw extravagant parties with lots of people they don't care about it, but it's just a number. What makes 16 so special? Maybe I'll find out one day there's a special meaning behind the number itself and it's a way deeper meaning than what people think. Or maybe it's just an excuse to throw a big dumb party and get gifts from people who only came for the free food. 

All this sixteen talk makes me think of the John Hughes masterpiece Sixteen Candles. Luckily no one forgot my birthday, and a freshman didn't take my panties and make other freshman pay money to see them. Unfortunately there was no Jake Ryan, but that's okay you can't have everything. 


black & white would just capture the moment

Sixteen Candles 4:7   Sixteen Candles 6:7
(Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Wouldn't it be great if high school was like a John Hughes film? I remember when I was in junior high I really expected high school to be just like a Hughes film. Obviously I was wrong (sorry if this ruined your hopes for high school it you haven't gone yet), but it's not as bad as some people make it. A lot of people I know get anxiety or depressed right before school starts because they're dreading it, but I'm sort of anxious for it to start (I'll probably be complaining in a month). But why not make the best of it? You're stuck there anyways (unless you're home-schooled.Which doesn't seem like a bad idea). 

There are too many people I know who feel like they can't wear what they want because of what other people think. I understand that getting made fun of isn't much fun (no fun at all, actually) and I get picked on so much because of the way I dress (my favorite one was "I didn't know the circus was in town"). My secret is: Don't listen to them!! If you learn to ignore them you can then wear whatever makes you happy and not be concerned what makes other people happy. It doesn't feel good to be bullied, but who cares what other people think? The answer should be:  not you. Instead of letting what people say get to you, write them down in a journal. Maybe John Hughes will one day find your journal and make a movie about your high school life. Then everyone who bullied you will go see the movie and so on and so forth. And besides, dressing (and being) unique makes high school more interesting. Besides, when you get out of high school you'll meet people that dress "weird" and who knows, they might become your best friend. 
Wish me luck. Hopefully this school year will be a good one!

1. Goo Goo Muck - The Cramps
2. I'm Not Like Everybody Else - The Kinks
3. She's so Fine - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
4. Dedicated Follower of Fashion - The Kinks
5. Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones
6. Sticks and Stones - The Zombies
7. Dandy in the Underworld - T. Rex
8. All Dressed up for School - The Beach Boys
9. White Tennis Sneakers - Jan & Dean

Aug 9, 2012

Voodoo Child Pt.2

New Orleans left me speechless. As I said in the first part, it's like being in a movie with all the street performers, art shows, live music, and food. The only thing that was bad about the trip was the weather. It's hot in Texas (with humidity), but New Orleans weather is even worse! It's so muggy and gross, it made me want to throw up. But I miss it already. I fell in love with the town even though I know I could never live there (weather conditions ruin everything), but it's definitely a place I plan on going back to. I know this wasn't my last train ride either. Louis Armstrong couldn't have said it better.


I got the film developed! I used a UO camera with special frames and I feel like it gave the pictures the perfect New Orleans feel (minus the fiesta thing because it's a french state...). Probably the best part of the trip was when we took a taxi cab over to Magazine Street AKA the best street in New Orleans. The whole street is over 5 miles long and it's filled with vintage shops, locally owned restaurants, the cutest town houses, dogs (a lot of people have dogs in New Orleans, like wow), uneven sidewalks, organic make-up shops, and much more. It was really, really fabulous. Oh, and just a warning in advance: I'm not good at taking pictures at all. Sorry.

 Yeah I can take pictures (NOT). This shop was called Rag Doll (facebook), and unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of the shop, but it's a very swell place. They sell vintage and vintage inspired clothing/accessories.
 I assume Magazine St. is a parade street because there were beads in all the trees, on telephone lines, fences, etc. It gave the street a real dreamy vibe, and I really loved it. And if you were wondering, that's my sister with the hat.
 I love that ostrich on the chair. It reminds me of the Muppets or the Labyrinth.

 This was at the wonderful vintage shop Miss Claudia's Vintage Clothing & Costumes (Here's their facebook page). The lady who was working there was super cool and told me I reminded her of Nancy Sinatra. She ended up helping me pick out the most comfortable tank top EVER.

 Last but not least was my absolute favourite part of the trip; The Revival Outpost (facebook, tumblr). There were vintage, new, used, handmade clothing and accessories to choose from. From the minute I walked into this shop I was in love. Everyone who works there is so nice and helpful and just plain awesome. The owner (I wish I knew her name!!) actually asked if she could take a picture of me for the website because they dug my style. That was really exciting for me (and I hope for them!), and I miss that place so much already. When I was there I bought a pair of shorts and the coolest flower crown ever (real flowers that had been dried and hand dyed). If you're ever in New Orleans you HAVE to check out this shop, because it really is fantastic (the prices are really good, too).
(And the next four pictures aren't on magazine street)
A lot of the One Way signs were graffitied to say One Day.
 This church was so pretty and looked liked the disney castle. (look at all the tourists!! I love it.)
 Street Performers were everywhere.
These four guys sang the best doo-wop I have ever heard.

It wasn't on Magazine St., but my favourite restaurant we went to was called Murielle's. They had an open court yard in the middle of the building, fantastic food, a live jazz band, and my favourite part- a spot in the restaurant that had wine and bread for ghosts. One of the ghosts were one of the old owners (he lost the restaurant in a card game and hung himself IN the restaurant), and they don't know who the other ghost is. Everyday the food and wine is always gone by the end of the day (how spooky!). They also have ominous music playing as you go up the stairs to the seance room (which is a really decorative room where they have wine tastings and such). The feel of Murielle's was just really authentic (especially for New Orleans), and overall really wonderful.

On other news, tomorrow is my birthday! I'm finally turning 16, and by celebrating that I'm going to the Goodwill with my mom in the morning (I have the best mom in the world). The day after my birthday I'm going to Arkansas with a friend and her family for a week and I'm very excited! 

I haven't realized it up until right now, but I feel like this is the best summer I've ever had. I know I have a lot more summers ahead of me, but this summer felt perfect. I did lots of traveling, I got to hang out with all my fabulous friends, I saw the Beach Boys in concert, and I didn't die of a heatstroke! Wow, reflecting on summer just makes me realize that I have to go back to school in a few weeks. Oh well, I know I'll make the best of it by drawing all over my notes, snoozing, and talking to people (Which really means sitting in silence unless I know somebody or someone talks to me). Nah, high school isn't that bad (yes it is). 

There isn't anything else I have to talk about, but I hope everyone is having an awesome summers. Because everyone deserves an awesome summer.