Oct 31, 2012

spooky vibes #3

[aww my mom is so cute ♡]
[L.M. draws so good. it isn't fair]

[feminist rant]

hat: etsy, shirt: thrifted, bowtie: gift, skirt: forever21, tights: party city(?),
shoes: diy/urban outfitters, purse: thrifted
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! [aka the best holiday ever] So today I spent the day with a great friend of mine, L.M. and my wonderful mom. We felt it to be appropriate to eat at Baker St. Pub & Grill because it's a Sherlock Holmes themed pub with ah~mazing food. Afterwards we got frozen yogurt [where I discovered Taro flavor] and talked about feminism. The night will be topped off with lots of candy eating and watching Boris Karloff movies. Golly, today was such a good day.
What're you crazy cats up to on Halloween this year?

Oct 30, 2012

spooky vibes #2

jacket: stein mart (what? stein mart has good clothing?), top:
 jcpenny, scarf: thrifted, pants: miracle eye, shoes: golden ponies

bear clip: kroger, rings: misc. gifts
One more day till Halloween AWW YES.  I'm so pumped that I'm basically oozing candy and spooky shit (but not literal shit, that'd be icky). Today I couldn't decide between Beetlejuice or a circus ringmaster- so why not do both? So all day I've been gorging on candy and listening to the Cramps. Believe it or not, but their music is perfect for this holiday. Lux Interior and Poison Ivy are just so stylish and talented it shouldn't be legal.

Everyone be safe and have fun tomorrow! Remember: don't take candy with razor blades in it unless it's the good candy.

Oct 29, 2012

spooky vibes #1

jumper: old navy, top: vintage, shoes: urban outfitters/diy

slowly creeping into the halloween spirit

barrette: walgreens, ring: gift

So I decided last minute I didn't have enough colour in my outfit so I safety pinned roses to my shoes (pardon the blurry picture)
I'm getting super excited for Halloween this year and I feel like one day is simply not enough! So I celebrate it all week by gorging on candy, and wearing outfits louder than usual. Today was sort of boring compared to what I have planned throughout the week, but I felt like I just creep into it so I don't scare anyone out of their pants (unless it's ryan gosling ;D). It's funny that I'm so excited about Halloween this year, because it's the first time I don't have plans for the event. What are you spooky people up to this week?

Oct 27, 2012

Appreciation Society: Dreamlife Suburbia

There's something really dreamy about suburban life. Maybe I feel that way because I haven't lived in the suburbs since I was seven years old, and I don't remember it...Or maybe it's because movies glamorize it. It doesn't matter what makes suburban life dreamy, because it's going to be dreamy to me no matter what. Now, I realize all suburbs aren't dreamy and some are in bad parts of town and they're not a lot of fun to live in. So I guess I'm thinking of the suburban life in the fifties. It's hard not to love the pastel houses with the matching cars. I love watching Edward Scissorhands because of that (and for many other obvious reasons). The whole movie is extremely dreamy feeling and I wish I could live in it (minus the judgmental neighbors and Winona Ryder's awful boyfriend). One of the best things about the movie is that no year is indicated and it could be set in the 1950s or even the 1990s, so it leaves you questioning the setting throughout the whole movie. Now I don't know about you guys, but that makes it even more dreamy, and for a while I didn't think that was possible. Can I please just live here?

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So as you all know i live in the the country (but not the middle of nowhere. where i live you can see the middle of nowhere) and it took me weeks to wrack my brain to have a suburban shoot. I finally chose the downtown part of where I live, because it sort of has that feel to me (but then again I don't live in the suburban world so...). My wonderful friend, Cass, took the pictures below. Also this is the last of my obsession themed posts, so I hope you all enjoyed them! ♡

 i'm not going to lie, that was a really intimidating banner