Oct 30, 2012

spooky vibes #2

jacket: stein mart (what? stein mart has good clothing?), top:
 jcpenny, scarf: thrifted, pants: miracle eye, shoes: golden ponies

bear clip: kroger, rings: misc. gifts
One more day till Halloween AWW YES.  I'm so pumped that I'm basically oozing candy and spooky shit (but not literal shit, that'd be icky). Today I couldn't decide between Beetlejuice or a circus ringmaster- so why not do both? So all day I've been gorging on candy and listening to the Cramps. Believe it or not, but their music is perfect for this holiday. Lux Interior and Poison Ivy are just so stylish and talented it shouldn't be legal.

Everyone be safe and have fun tomorrow! Remember: don't take candy with razor blades in it unless it's the good candy.

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