Sunday, September 14, 2014

Oasap Giveaway!


 I am so so excited to announce another giveaway! Thanks to the wonderful land of Oasap, all you cool cats will have the chance to win either the Eye Sleeveless Dress, a Paneled Houndstooth A-line Dress, a Ruffled Sleeveless Chiffon Dress, a Vintage Jacquard Sleeveless Dress, or a Black Cut Out Mini Dress. Just a few things to keep in mind: Oasap is only doing this giveaway if there are at least 50 participants, and please make sure to leave a comment below with your e-mail address (so if you are the winner we can let you know!). 

And on a side note, how perfect is this sweater?!!

I will be e-mailing the winner September 23rd. Good luck everybody!

Friday, September 5, 2014

hot stuff

From sequin trousers, to cherry prints, to knee high socks, to faux fur: Betsey Johnson's ready to wear collection is everything I've ever wanted. I'm also just sitting in bed dreaming of being at NYFW... I can't wait for the year I get to go (which will probably be awhile because $$$$$ but it will be sooo worth it). Betsey's vibrant ready to wear collection makes me feel like my wardrobe is lacking color, and I'm craving some new vintage dresses- which happens every season for me, but still. In a way, it makes me really sad, because it's been so hot I haven't been able to wear any of my fav pieces. Luckily it's only been 95 degrees this week (the past two have been over 100), but still. I'm just ready to wear layers!!! Everyone keeps talking/blogging about all their fall fashion, and I'm just here like wearing crop tops and bike shorts trying not to drown in my own sweat. 

If anyone is wondering, I've been enjoying college so far! It's a really weird and difficult adjustment, but it's all good. It's the first time I've ever had a sense of community, and everyone is so considerate (for the most part), which is something I am not used to at all. I also had auditions for a few shows last week! I got call backs to three (I didn't get cast in any, BUT STILL!) great shows (Midsummer Night's Dream, Behanding in Spokane, and On the 5:31), so that's really cool~ Unlike most freshman I signed up for more classes that has to do with my major- costume design. Besides english and intro to fine arts, I have all theatre/design courses! I've also been invited to a bunch of parties, but I always happen to have a date with Leslie Knope and gluten free PB&J's instead...
That's it with me! I promise to take more photos when it isn't so hot outside! How have you cool cats been? Any weird/fun back to school occurrences? Feel free to leave a comment below to tell me all about it!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Times They Are A Changin'

♥ DIY flower crown ♥ vintage dress ♥ TPG pin ♥ Target knee high socks ♥ thrifted Bass shoes ♥

Greetings lovely blog readers! Wow, lots to catch up on! Well first off, if you've noticed in the pictures above: I am in a dorm now! Which is scary, excited, weird, and everything in between all at once. Not only did I have to leave me room, but also my parents and my friends, and as you can guess, it was really difficult and emotional for me. But I know this is something I have to do. Classes start next week so this week has been really laid back and is just helping me get used to this new town and environment. Besides that I have recently discovered that most make-up has gluten in it (which I can't eat because it makes me sick), so as a test I've started buying gluten-free make-up and I've noticed an immense improvement and lack of eye pain. So that's good, because every time I wore make-up my eyes would hurt all the time! I've made a few friends (most like people I see on campus and say "Oh hey!" but still), and am almost used to walking everywhere. I actually really love being in walking distance of everything, but the heat is really throwing me off (it's been 100 degrees basically everyday so far). That being said, I am super ready for Fall! I'm also thinking about joining improv club...the first meeting was last night, but I was busy watching The X Files (new obsession), napping, and eating frosted flakes so maybe next time.
Here is my new home:
I actually really love my dorm room, okay?
So, what are everyone else's feelings towards school starting? Are you scared and excited like me? 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

throwback thursday

Forever21 bow ♥ thrifted/DIY blazer ♥ Target dress ♥ handmade John Waters pin ♥ vintage belt ♥ thrifted saddle shoes ♥
These photos are from my last day working for Old Navy (which was almost two weeks ago), and I'm so glad to be moving on to a better job! Nothing is set in stone, but I'm trying to get a job at a record store down the street from my college (have I mentioned this before??). Anyways, this is just a quick post due to the fact that I'm currently freaking out, because I can't bring my whole room to college with me! I know, my life is *cue sarcasm* soooooo hard. I've decided when it comes to packing, I'm going to try and put all my stuff in bags, shoeboxes, and similar types of containers. It seems to be working so far, but we will see how it turns out! The hardest part of packing will be my closet, but I'm waiting to do that last...
I hope all of you have a great week! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

growing up is weird

Hey everybody! I've been meaning to blog lately, but I keep finding things to distract me (don't act like it doesn't happen to you). Anyway, I have lots of fun stuff to share! First off, my birthday was yesterday and my present to me was dye-ing my hair. What color you ask?? Oh why, a subtle pink of course. Tomorrow I'm getting it cut- which I am super stoked for (thinking about a modern take on a 1920s flapper bob, maybe). I'm pretty scared to cut my hair even shorter, but I really want to, AND my hair grows so fast it's really not a big deal. Besides, I've been itching for something drastic in my life, because *cue sarcasm* moving four hours away, quitting Old Navy, pink hair, etc. is not drastic enough for me, haha. 

So usually my birthdays aren't amazing, but I am so grateful for the last two years (because almost nothing went wrong!). This year was definitely my fav though. The only thing that could've been better was seeing one of my best friends, and a few other friends, but let's not harp on the bad!! The beginning of the day was a bit stressful, because my hair appointment took a bit longer than planned. But once I got to the antique mall, all my worries went away (minus the fact that we don't have air conditioning right now and it was about 100 degrees). A small group of friends hung out with me almost the whole day- I don't know how the deal with me, ahahaha, and I saw some lovely faces pop in as well. We just chilled at the antique mall until closing, and then headed to my house. 

Once we got home we feasted on homemade enchiladas, fajitas, and gluten-free cupcakes (don't know if I've ever mentioned I can't eat wheat products??), attempted to watch Mac Demarco's documentary (the wifi wouldn't cooperate :( ), played Cards Against Humanity, played charades, watched my favorite episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, read from my sister's gift, WOLF: Cub Scout Book (from 1967), and so much more! Basically it was just a perfect day, and I am going to miss my friends SOOOOOOOOOOOO much when I leave for college (which is now less than a week away)! Like, don't get me wrong I'm super stoked for college, but why can't I take all of my best friends and my entire room and my parents and my dog with me???? 
Growing up is weird.
my bbs
Alright, now time for my fav part: presents! I didn't take photos of everything, but I really wanted to share my absolute favs. Cass made me a Tenenbaum flag, got me a Donny Pop Figure, and the movie, BAND OF OUTSIDERS (which I have been wanting foreverrrrrrrrrr)!
My sister got me this AMAZING purse, and a super cool boy scout handbook from the 60s.
Last, but not least, my parents got me a new ~portable~ record player and some groovy shoes. Ugh, I am so grateful for my friends and family!!
So I saw Guardians of the Galaxy on Saturday (and am going to see it again tomorrow whatevs), and oh my good lord jesus, was that movie amazing orrrr???? No, it was just amazing, okay. I've always loved the Marvel films, but this one really out-did itself. And who knew I could love a tree so much??? Anyways, before I really start gushing and begin to bore all of you, I will just leave you cool kitties with this playlist I made of all of the rad tunes featured in the movie! 
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