Wednesday, April 16, 2014

sometimes i pretend im peggy olson

FIRST THING IS FIRST: I got the job at Old Navy!!! It was such a strange interview process (but in a good way). We ended up talking in a big group about what is special to us in life, played charades (I ended up doing Frozen and I just opened the freezer and acted like I was singing haha), and free-styled with a guitar. Anyways, I'm just really excited for this job and I love the management already! (Good start right?) 
Mad Men has started up again, and even though it's only been one episode I've fallen back in love with the show! Naturally, Peggy Olson is my favorite character and OF COURSE she keeps getting more and more fashionable (and independent- go girl!). In the new episode, Peggy sported the most flawless tweet-plaid suit I have ever laid eyes on. Due to the new episode I have gone back to my mod roots and have been wearing shift dresses any chance I get! 
Peggy is forever and always my queen. As I mentioned earlier, she is so stylish in the new season and it's only been one episode! I'm in love with this dress above and actually have a very similar for sale at The Mad Mod Shop!
I don't know why, but I am so excited for Betty this season! Before now I used to not have an interest in her character, but she just looks sooooo fabulous in this promo (and all the other ones). I'm also extremely excited to see all of Sally's new digs and from into the bad bitch all of us have been waiting for!
I am also super excited for Megan. I've always loved this French bombshell and now that her acting career is expanding I cannot wait to see what's in store for her. I'm also extremely proud of her (yes, I am proud of a fictional character), because she is no longer afraid of standing up to Don and she is just totally perfect okay.
Speaking of Mad Men, I really don't talk about modern fashion nearly enough on here (Mad Men counts as modern fashion because Banana Republic and all the other designers that are in charge of costumes for that show). One of my favorite brands/designers of ALL TIME is the marvelous, Kate Spade. I have yet to purchase anything, but I have come close many, many times. Of course, I always regret not buying the bags, dresses, whatever I'm looking at, but I'm just being cost-efficient. Luckily there's a Kate Spade outlet store in San Marcos (where I'll be going to college) so I'll have a better chance of actually getting something from my long-admired-dream-store. So, some of you guys are reading this and are thinking "So what's the big deal with Kate Spade?" WELL I WILL TELL YOU: She's obsessed with a-line skirts, high waisted everything, polka dots, pop art, and mod fashion. Kate Spade basically crawled in my brain and took my favorite things in the world and turned it into a brand. Just looking at all of her products and wonderful(ness) makes my heart ache (and yearn for millions of dollars), because everything is so flawless and beautiful. 
This year, 2014, is what got me back into Kate Spade. The vibrant colors plus 1950's influence spoke to my soul as I noticed her new products in a fashion magazine. 
Fall 2013 was filled with bright colors, polka dots, graphics, and pointed-toe shoes! This collection was basically made for me (like everything else from this brand).
As you guys know, I'm a total fanatic for high waisted trousers and I am in love with these orange ones from her fragrance ad. I love trousers to begin with and with that high rise, it makes it all that much sleeker. 
2013 Toronto window display inspired by the one and only, Roy Lichtenstein!
There's not many purses I go totally nuts for, but I would seriously die for this typewriter bag. I actually have a difficult time explaining just how much I love this bag! Wouldn't it be totally dreamy to have this and find a matching vintage typewriter? (The answer is yes, it's always yes.)
One of the other few things I would seriously die for is this wicker car purse. I can't even fathom how someone came up with this. It's seriously one of the cutest things I've ever seen (including that typewriter bag) and I can't get enough of it. I noticed that there were other wicker purses online as well, and are, of course, freaking adorable, too.
Sorry for gushing over so much stuff this go around! I mean, you can't blame me...can you?! Anyways, I want to know all of you crazy kids' favorite designer and TV show! Leave a comment below to tell me~

Monday, April 14, 2014

too lazy to function

Oh geez, oh man! So much has been going on lately in the magical land of Texas. I've begun planning what I'm going to bring on my Europe trip, filling out scholarships, watching plays over the weekend, cleaning vintage clothing, and the list could go on! In the midst of all of these events, I'm reminded of how happy it makes me that I have less than 30 days of high school left. If you haven't noticed already, I abhor high school. Yes, I have a small group of friends and theatre (which is basically done with technically I just have my small group of friends), but that is literally it. I'm sick of all these dramatic teenagers and am filled with an immense amount of exhilaration for summer to start. Speaking of summer, I have a job interview at Old Navy tomorrow for a summer job! If you lovely people would send some shout-outs to the universe I would greatly appreciate it. Among everything else, one of my friends and her mother gave me 16 garbage bags stuffed with vintage clothing!!!!! I'm still in shock that they just gave me all this stuff, because there are some real gems (including shift dresses from the 60s, go-go boots from the 60s, faux fur coats, etc.). I've washed about half of the clothes already and I hope to put some stuff on Etsy and of course, my antique booth. Recently, I've had over 200 people like my new facebook page and I'm so pleased! I'm thinking about doing a little giveaway within the U.S. once I hit 300- so tell your friends about the Mad Mod Shop!
I've been taking pictures lately, but with my phone because I'm too lazy to function (not really...but yes really). I need to start disciplining myself to take more photos with my camera again for a couple reasons: 1.) because I really enjoy it and 2.) because my phone camera sucks in comparison. Anyways, the sunglasses are from Blue Velvet Vintage, the vest and skirt is thrifted, and the purse is from Replay on 19th.
 The BEST burgers in the world is at a little hole in the wall called Burger Boy by the antique mall. They also have the bessssst milkshakes in the world (plus you can get any flavor you want). I love going there and taking my time to eat, because it's the best place in the world to people watch. The joint is ran by a cute little hispanic family and their customers come in every shape, size, and color! // My parents are in Italy right now, and my dad decided he was going to take Mick Jagger(instead of me, haha) with him. All week he has been sending me photos of Mick with winemakers, on gazebos, etc., but by far, this one is my favorite! It's of Mick in the city center in Verona.

Monday, April 7, 2014

everything is so pretty

 Gifted Bill Murray necklace garage sale sweater (25 cents!!) JCPenney skirt Forever21 tights DSW shoes 
 It is finally starting to feel like Spring. The cold fronts have finally gone away and everything outside is so vibrant and green. I just can't get over how pretty it is today, and I hope this is only the beginning of a beautiful season! On an even brighter note I found the perfect shoes for my Europe trip in June! I have come to discover that it is excruciatingly difficult to find adorable, comfortable shoes. Luckily I found the perfect ones from Clarks (I'll put up a picture eventually~ They aren't super exciting, but damn, they are hella comfy). I just remembered an even brighter(er) thing: I sold the most vintage clothing thus far last month at my antique booth!!!! It wasn't that much, but it was definitely wayyyyy more than I am used to so I was very excited. 
 The most amazing goodies from Saffa! I ordered the Moonrise Kingdom notebook from her a while back, but it got lost in the mail so when she sent me a new one she also added some stickers, a patch, and a freakin' Royal Tenenbaums notebook!
 The denim vest is a little project I'm currently working on. I'm trying to have plenty of custom/up-cycled items for the big Pop Shop in May~
Some new granny booties I got a while back for the play (just not getting them back and I plan on wearing them everywhere). The scarves behind the boots are all vintage and we a gift from a fellow antique vendor!
Well, I don't have anything else new to ramble on with...I hope everyone is having a super, fantastic, awesome Monday! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

why should I care If I have to cut my hair?

Yup, that's right! I cut my hair on a whim last night (actually my sister did, but you know what I mean). I really wanted to in January and do a "new year new hair" thing but I couldn't because of the play I was in. Friday was our last performance so I couldn't resist to cut my golden locks! At first I really didn't like it and I was like "Oh god what did I do? I can't do the messy bun anymore oh god oh god what happened to my beautiful long hair!?!??!" I think I was so hesitant at first because all of my favorite bloggers have such long, pretty hair...but even though it's only been one day I really love this cut! I'm also thinking about dyeing my hair strawberry blonde, but I'm not sure yet. It's been lingering in my mind for a while now as well as this haircut so who knows what I will decide to do!

I've been super inspired by fashion photos on tumblr and things on etsy. Like there are so many fashionable and talented babes on the internet! I've been trying to control myself into buying things that are only super unique, really colorful, or something I actually need. That being said I haven't bought anything (besides cheeseburgers) in almost a whole month. Which is really awesome because I'm usually a shopaholic (like you guys couldn't tell haha). Anywho I hope you enjoy the photos below as much as I do! 
Het Beste (Reader’s Digest) October 1967 Ad for Spandon Textile, JOANNA PYBUS clutch, vintage dress
Kailey from Mermaidens, Ari from SpookyPukeBetsey Johnson's studio (really wish I could live there tbh)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

make me a bird

Okay, wow, hi everyone! Long time no blog! The last week has been super emotional and busy for me and I apologize for my absence but you know how it goes sometimes. Last Friday was the second round of my theatre competition and unfortunately we didn't advance (because I'm pretty sure one of the schools cheated but that's a different story for another time). I was really upset all weekend because I love this play so much and it's my last one until I graduate high school BUTTTTT sometimes that's just how it goes and I'm okay now. Other than that I've been super scatter brained with college stuff, scholarships, and trying to get a summer job. I applied to old navy and their starting pay is $10 an hour so hopefully I get it! Send some good job juju my way~ Im excited because I found ascholarship for student who show an interest in sewing and I'm working on a Victorian collar for that! (Will provide pics when it's done)
Let's see...what else is new? I finished the show, Hemlock Grove on Netflix and OH MYLANTA talk about emotions flying! Overall it was a very good show but the season finale was just too stressful. I also discovered the hilarity called Cannibal! The Musical. I was sort of afraid to watch it but it's actually one of the funniest low budget films I've ever seen! I haven't had the chance to take any decent photos so below is a slew of stuff from my insta. (#professionalblogger)

everything thrifted except for my Gerry pin from the Pulp Girls
Last Saturday was trade days in new waverly! Unfortunately it wasn't successful for me AT ALL but I still had fun and met some really cool antique lovers and dealers. So in the end it was worth it~

This past Christmas my dad got me a Mick Jagger action figure and I'm pretty sure he loves it more than me haha! This past week he was in San Antonio for business and end up taking a day trip to the Alamo with Mick. He took a lot more photos of Mick and I'll be putting them on here from time to time for shits and giggles. 
I cannot even find words to describe how EXCITED I am for Pop Shop in May! I've been planning a funky layout and banners for this big event and I hope anyone in the area can stop by and make it! Remember I'm always up for bartering too. Also my Facebook page for the Mad Mod Shop has reached over 200 likes! I'm thinking of doing a little giveaway when I maybe reach 300 or 350 so stay tuned for that! (If I do a giveaway it has to be within the USA which SUCKS but I don't have money to ship free merch put of the country.)
okay, less about me: How has everyone been?? Leave a comment below to tell me something great that has happened to you recently!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

living simple and trying to get by

♥ JCPenny necklace Forever21 shirt Leopard Lounge vintage shorts Replay on 19th vintage blouse 
 Finally got myself a lil' cactus buddy! I've been wanting one for years now and I'm so excited that I finally have one I can call my own. (Especially since my parents won't let me get any new pets, plants are the next best thing. a lot easier to care care of too haha)
SPRING STARTS TOMORROW! (even though there's supposed to be a cold front this weekend...) It's that time of year for my favorite season ever! It's funny because my allergies are the absolute worst this time of year. Other than having allergy attacks (which happen way too much during Spring because of pollen) I just adore the weather and how everyone wants to wear florals and pastels and it's just a cute time of the year (but minus the sneezing) in my opinion~ This time of year I'm always super busy and even though it's stressful- I really love it. The feeling that there is always something that needs to be done is satisfying for some odd reason. Speaking of satisfying, can we talk about how perfect people's blogs have been lately??? All of my favorite blog babes have had some really great posts the past couple of weeks and below is my favorite images from my (current) favorite blogs. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!
Ellie from Rose and Vintage has been a huge fashion inspiration for me lately! She always eats the cutest food, goes to the hippest vintage scenes, and wears the most bitchin' threads. Her style is super colorful and very molly-ringwald-grandma-chic. I mean just look at her! She mixes prints/colors perfectly and always has the cutest shoes.
This photo is also from Ellie's blog. I don't want it is about this photo, but I love it so much. It's so difficult to explain but I just really love it, okay!?
Okay, last one from Ellie's blog! I also really love this photo, but this one I can actually explain this one. The reason is because it reminds me of Pop Shop Houston. It's super inspiring and gives me a lot of fun ideas for the next event I will be at (May 3&4, picture is later in the post). I've been brainstorming different ways to present my products for sale and this is just what I needed!
Sea of Shoes in the most beautiful Chanel dress I have ever seen in my entire life.
Photos by Chloe Feller ft. on The Daily Sass (I have that vintage car sweater, haha small world!)
Erin's kitchen from Oh So Lovely Vintage
Everybody mark your calendars, because the Mad Mod Shop will be at the big Pop Shop event May 3&4! I will also be at New Waverly's Trade Days March 29~
Okay so I don't know how, but I have never listened to the B-52's. I know! Blasphemy! I had always heard people mention them, but I just blew it off like they were a mediocre 80s/90s band. BOY WAS I WRONG, and oh mylanta, their music videos are soooo perfect!!!
Also I'm going to start replying to all the comments that are posted to this blog! I was thinking about it the other day and I feel like it's such a bitch move not commenting. The fact that you guys take the time to comment on here means the world to me and I gotta let you babes know it!
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