Jul 29, 2013

i like it, what is it?

 everything thrifted/vintage/homemade (surprise)
 the lovely photographer, Cass! 
Last Saturday, my friend, Cass and I went to the Contemporary Art Museum in Houston. It was my first time going to this museum, and it was definitely not the last. I fell in love with all the art and prints and films, and the best part is they get new exhibits ALL THE TIME. While we in town we also stopped at British Isles, which is a wonderful British specialty store where I found (THE BEST DRINK EVER) Ribena (which is super hard to find where I live)! We also went to the Fresh Market and got the best cherry pie ever and lots of other organic food. How is everyone else's week going?

Jul 23, 2013

when i said i wanted my life to be like moonrise kingdom i did not mean i wanted it to constantly rain

Lots has been happening the past week (so this post is kind of super long)! The other day was a good friend's birthday, and tt was filled with yummy food, wonderful people, and records. The party had felt like it lasted all weekend even though it was just a couple of hours long. L.M. took lots of photos (see above), and I'm sort of in love with all of them (I hope you guys do, too). Well, the post before this one was my 100th post. It's not really a big deal to me, but I'm proud of myself for keeping up with this blog for so long! Also, the lovely Yasmin interviewed me for her blog, so check it out!! For the past two weeks it has been raining cats and dogs, and I actually miss the heat of the sun (it's cool, but nasty-ass humid lately). All of the random down pours remind me of Moonrise Kingdom (because srsly it's been raining that hard here), and I always forget how much I love that movie. It's probably Wes Anderson's most "overrated" and famous film, but it is for a reason (because it's perfect and makes me want to run away and live in Rhode Island)! And I just got home from a loooooong day with my mom. We took my Grandma to the airport, and then kept finding detours on the way home (Denny's, Home Depot, thrift stores, etc), and I found SOOOO many cool things (like vintage wedding dresses, 1950s coffee maker, vinage slip, vintage magnets, and much more)! Also, my antique booth is looking super fly lately. I'm almost ready to open the other two rooms ("whaaaat there's more rooms, but Tessa your antique booth is already so big" YEAH I KNOW- it's overwhelming but i love it), and you can check it out on insta if you're feeling crazy. Oh, and I also got a splinter from a cash register from the 1800s, so minus the fact that it hurts like a son of a bitch it's pretty cool (i guess). 
1, 2, 3, 45

 daisy brooch: goodwill, rings: hello kitty store (except for pikachu that was on a cupcake), necklace: kohls, "Only Good Karma" bracelet: JCPenny
 Recently been making patches! (might sell a few on etsy idk) "Keep Your Politics Out Of My Uterus" taken from: kreepshowkouture
pins from UO
black jacket from kohl's, vintage flower blouse, thrifted twoll skirt, striped top from Cass, goodwill daisy dress, thrifted striped blazer, kohl's puppy flats

Jul 20, 2013

I am a man of constant sorrow I've seen trouble all my days

This past Thursday and Friday my dad and I took a road trip to Lafayette, LA (taking many thrift stops on the way). Both days were filled with antiques, food, and humid weather. The hotel (it wasn't really a hotel it was more of a loft kind of thing) we stayed at was called Buchanan Lofts, and it was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen! Each loft is specially designed with vintage and USA manufactured items. The owner was so groovy and just awesome, ugh, I miss it already. Anywho, I took lots of pictures while I was there, because I had some time to kill (I took even more, but I have to get the film developed). 
outfit: everything thrifted above
everything was vintage/ USA made down to the book! (Oscar Wilde quotes c. 1959)
ugh ugh ugh can i just live here
Joshua Tree
(all pictures above from tumblr unless stated other wise)
Lately I've been really inspired by vintage photographs of everyday life especially vacation/picnic/beach/country photos. There's some sort of dreamy reality to it all and it's so hypnotizing in the best way possible. I've been dying to go to the beach lately and take pictures with my disposable camera (to try and capture the vibes that have been inspiring me), but of course, no one wants to go to the beach with me (who can drive and has time). 
When we were in East Texas we felt a bit out of place, so the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack made us feel right at home.
dress: handmade, belt: vintage/gift, pants: forever21
We found this antique mall that was also a video rental store, and I just found it really fascinating. 
On our way home we got to watch the sun rise, and it was so beautiful (like something out of Lion King omg).