Apr 20, 2014

a wes anderson easter

First off, Happy Easter (to anyone who celebrates it)! I've never really celebrated this holiday, but my family usually makes it a big attire. Luckily, no one had plans, so I spent the day with my sister, L.M.Strange, and our lovely pal, Shelly walking around Market Street (which is sort of like a town square with a bunch of little cafes and designer stores). It was an unconventional way to spend the holiday, but it has definitely been my favorite Easter ever. By the end of the day I concluded that if Wes Anderson had characters in a film celebrating this holiday- this is what it would look like:
 So I hardly mention my sister, Ariel on this blog, and I have no idea why! She's also super into fashion, but in a different way than me. The best way to describe her style is pirate-gypsy-Milo from Atlantis-mermaid-bitch. Quite a combo, huh? She is wearing: a necklace from a local Houston shop, up-cycled dad's button-up top, Forever21 shorts, and Aldo shoes.
So I got new eyeliner and it has really changed my life. It's L'OrĂ©al's new Infallible Silkissime eyeliner and goes on so smoothly and marvelous. It's sort of a pain to sharpen, but I read a review that if you stick it in the freezer for about 15 minutes it is much easier to sharpen (which I plan on doing tonight)! It's $9 and worth every penny!
 DIY flower crown Forever21 crop top thrifted Audrey Hepburn pin Blue Velvet Vintage sunglasses  Urban Outfitters skirt Agaci jelly sandals Goodwill backpack 
 Don't touch my ass.
The prettiest theater in town.
I don't know if you guys know this, but I'm very self-conscious about my eyebrows. Today my sister offered to fill them in with eye shadow, and I really stepped out of my comfort zone. At first I hated it, because it brought more attention to them, but after a few hours I decided I sort of liked it! My eyebrow game was strong and made me feel like a cartoon character.
I need to see the Grand Budapest Hotel again...
So we found Ariel's soul jeep (like soul mate, but jeep. ahaha....okay)! Naturally it reminded me of a Moonrise Kingdom due to the vintage interior and color palette.
L.M. being gone with the wind fabulous~ 
 Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer!
I basically cried like a little baby, because the Kate Spade store was closed for Easter...
The most amazing desserts ever: almond danish, lemon tart, and a chocolate cake parfait.
 We ended up sitting at this little coffee shop for almost two hours talking about politics, old ladies, Game of Thrones, and cheering at lovely, shirtless men taking a jog.
Near the end of the adventure, Shelly's phone died. We held a small service and said a few words each, hah!
How did you cool cats spend today?

Apr 19, 2014

rainbow fingers

♥ gifted sweater ♥ sunglasses from Blue Velvet Vintage ♥ vintage dress Coach purse Reebok sneakers from Amazon 
It is such a beautiful day today! It's not too hot and not too cold, and I wish the weather could be this perfect everyday. Thanks to my newly-short hair I can really appreciate the warmth of the sun, because my neck isn't drenched in sweat (yes, gross, but so true). I think the best part of my hair is the fact that I hardly have knots in it anymore! But I'm not going to lie, I miss my messy bun. Luckily, I've figured out a way to do a beehive still (it just involves a little teasing and more pins). Oh my gosh! I can't believe it's taken me this long to mention, but my amazing dad bought me a COACH purse. When he first gave it to me I freaked out and told him, "WHY WOULD YOU SPEND SO MuCH MONEY ON ME OH MY GOSH NOOO." To my dismay he purchased it on clearance at an outlet store which led to 80% off the original price. Hearing that put me at ease, and made me fall in love with this designer purse. I may see old ladies toting around the same one and it may be out of season, but I don't give a damn! It's so freaking perfect in every single way~
So I've been wanting fake nails for a while now, and I just happened to find the perfect ones at Urban Outfitters. At first I was greatly considering getting acrylic nails done, but I could not justify $40 for them. So when I came across these $8 press-ons, I knew it was meant to be. I'm still getting used to typing, tying my shoes (basically everything) because I've never had long nails. 

As all of you know, it's almost summer, and usually I feel like, "woohoo summer is almost here," but this year I feel like, "OH MY GOSH SUMMER YASSS YAAAASSSSSS!" There's a possibility that there is something wrong with me, but I'm pretty sure I'm just excited for the short shorts, excruciating heat, swimming, etc. I think it's partly due to the fact that this is my last summer until college (which I'm also very excited about). My biggest inspiration right now is the 1960's (WOW SO SURPRISING), and Mondo Guerra's 2013 Summer collection. 'Haute' dogs, bright colors, kitschy prints, can I get an OH MY GOD!? I honestly have no way of describing my love for this collection, but the pictures really speak for itself.
Do you guys realize this is in two weekends?! I am so excited and scared in every single way possible. I got a new vintage clothing rack for this event and I'm going to make signs and banners this week to decorate my booth/wall space with! (If any of you lovely kitties have a suggestion shoot me a e-mail!) Don't forget to like The Mad Mod Shop's facebook page to keep updated with Pop Shop events and news. And if any of you cool cats are able to make it to the big event the first weekend in May, tell me you follow me and I'll make all your dreams come true (AKA give you a nice discount and tell you you're pretty)~

Apr 16, 2014

sometimes i pretend im peggy olson

FIRST THING IS FIRST: I got the job at Old Navy!!! It was such a strange interview process (but in a good way). We ended up talking in a big group about what is special to us in life, played charades (I ended up doing Frozen and I just opened the freezer and acted like I was singing haha), and free-styled with a guitar. Anyways, I'm just really excited for this job and I love the management already! (Good start right?) 
Mad Men has started up again, and even though it's only been one episode I've fallen back in love with the show! Naturally, Peggy Olson is my favorite character and OF COURSE she keeps getting more and more fashionable (and independent- go girl!). In the new episode, Peggy sported the most flawless tweet-plaid suit I have ever laid eyes on. Due to the new episode I have gone back to my mod roots and have been wearing shift dresses any chance I get! 
Peggy is forever and always my queen. As I mentioned earlier, she is so stylish in the new season and it's only been one episode! I'm in love with this dress above and actually have a very similar for sale at The Mad Mod Shop!
I don't know why, but I am so excited for Betty this season! Before now I used to not have an interest in her character, but she just looks sooooo fabulous in this promo (and all the other ones). I'm also extremely excited to see all of Sally's new digs and from into the bad bitch all of us have been waiting for!
I am also super excited for Megan. I've always loved this French bombshell and now that her acting career is expanding I cannot wait to see what's in store for her. I'm also extremely proud of her (yes, I am proud of a fictional character), because she is no longer afraid of standing up to Don and she is just totally perfect okay.
Speaking of Mad Men, I really don't talk about modern fashion nearly enough on here (Mad Men counts as modern fashion because Banana Republic and all the other designers that are in charge of costumes for that show). One of my favorite brands/designers of ALL TIME is the marvelous, Kate Spade. I have yet to purchase anything, but I have come close many, many times. Of course, I always regret not buying the bags, dresses, whatever I'm looking at, but I'm just being cost-efficient. Luckily there's a Kate Spade outlet store in San Marcos (where I'll be going to college) so I'll have a better chance of actually getting something from my long-admired-dream-store. So, some of you guys are reading this and are thinking "So what's the big deal with Kate Spade?" WELL I WILL TELL YOU: She's obsessed with a-line skirts, high waisted everything, polka dots, pop art, and mod fashion. Kate Spade basically crawled in my brain and took my favorite things in the world and turned it into a brand. Just looking at all of her products and wonderful(ness) makes my heart ache (and yearn for millions of dollars), because everything is so flawless and beautiful. 
This year, 2014, is what got me back into Kate Spade. The vibrant colors plus 1950's influence spoke to my soul as I noticed her new products in a fashion magazine. 
Fall 2013 was filled with bright colors, polka dots, graphics, and pointed-toe shoes! This collection was basically made for me (like everything else from this brand).
As you guys know, I'm a total fanatic for high waisted trousers and I am in love with these orange ones from her fragrance ad. I love trousers to begin with and with that high rise, it makes it all that much sleeker. 
2013 Toronto window display inspired by the one and only, Roy Lichtenstein!
There's not many purses I go totally nuts for, but I would seriously die for this typewriter bag. I actually have a difficult time explaining just how much I love this bag! Wouldn't it be totally dreamy to have this and find a matching vintage typewriter? (The answer is yes, it's always yes.)
One of the other few things I would seriously die for is this wicker car purse. I can't even fathom how someone came up with this. It's seriously one of the cutest things I've ever seen (including that typewriter bag) and I can't get enough of it. I noticed that there were other wicker purses online as well, and are, of course, freaking adorable, too.
Sorry for gushing over so much stuff this go around! I mean, you can't blame me...can you?! Anyways, I want to know all of you crazy kids' favorite designer and TV show! Leave a comment below to tell me~