Dec 31, 2013

gone so soon?

It was really difficult picking my favorite things from 2013. Even though it's not pictured my two absolute favorite things this year was opening my antique booth and expanding to pop shop festivals and joining the crew at the Pulp Zine! It's been a lot of hard work, but I love every minute of it. If 2013 was this great, I can even begin to imagine how great 2014 will be. Below I tried my best to pick my top 6 favorite pictures/moments from this year, so enjoy!
It's hard to think that Rookie reader meet-up happened almost a year ago. It was probably one of my favorite parts of 2013, because I met my (now) good friend, Elyssa at the meet-up. The day was filled with glitter, pizza, and live music. How couldn't this be one of my favorite moments?! In 2013 I had my very first blog collaboration with Warby Parker. It was so much fun, and I can't wait to do another one! Earlier this year Cass and I ventured to Houston's Contemporary Art Museum, and oh boy, it was amazing. This was actually one of my favorite outfits all year. It's pretty simple (because it was scorching outside), but I just really, really like it and that's all that matters. In May some theatre kids and I went to watch the State competition plays in Austin, TX, and it was so much fun. We went to Barton Springs, and found some amazing local foods. I don't get to go to Austin very often, so this was really special for me (like the Rookie meet-up!). Last but not least, my senior year. High school has felt like a thousand years AND I AM ALMOST DONE. One more semester and I am out of high school forever. It's sort of weird and scary to think of what life will be like after high school, but in a good way. I am so excited to get out of here and begin my life!
2014 Goals:
- expand The Mad Mod Shop with men's vintage and more accessories 
- fill out more scholarships and actually turn them in
- take more photos
- watch more movies
- stay dedicated to my flower enamel brooch collection
- stop hoarding things I don't need!!!

Okay, I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Years eve! This year has been really great, and I'm so excited for 2014 already. Looking back on this year, I've realized this has probably been my favorite year (being alive) thus far! There were some really low points, but so many great events made up for the not-so great ones. Plus I'm already planning the next Pop Shop festivals I'll be involved with (there's going to be one at the beginning of January and I will have info soon)!

What was everyone's favorite part of this year? Feel free to let me know in the comments below! Until next year~

Dec 30, 2013

saddle shoe sass

necklace: vintage, jacket: Kohls, sweater: thrifted, pants: JCpenny, belt: Forever21, shoes: Bass, purse: vintage 
(Sorry for the awkward faces, it's not my fault it's freezing outside)
Bonjour all & Happy New Years Eve Eve! I watched Peggy Sue Got Married for the first time, and it's got me back into 50s/60s fashion. I've been struggling to get back into those eras and this movie pushed me to finally get around to it. As I've been getting back into the heart of retro fashion, I've pulled out my saddle shoes! I can't believe it, but I haven't worn saddles shoes in ages. It's funny, because I'm usually not into "trends" per say, but there is something so timeless and classy about saddles shoes. I feel like they've always been in trend, and it seems they're going to stay that way for a long time (but who knows? One day everybody might be killing each for crocs...highly unlikely, but a great visual). On top of everything, saddle shoes are comfortable! What?! Shoes that are cute and comfy? Yes, and they've been around since the early 1900s. 

Dec 25, 2013

"If you don't have any snow use 20 lbs of coconut shavings!"

 Outfit details
jacket: Kohls, dress: garage sale/DIY, tights: UO, shoes: DSW, purse: vintage, ring: vintage
 Merry Christmas (/whatever you celebrate)! Although it didn't really have that Christmas feeling, I had a really good day with my family. I'm really pleased with my gifts and it just reminded me how thankful I am for my life and everyone in it. No matter how corny it sounds, I really mean it. I have no idea where I'd be without my amazing, supportive parents (probably in a ditch somewhere), and I definitely have no idea what I would do at family events without my sister. We've had shared many years together bitch-facing in the corner as we eat all the food. And I can honestly never be able to express the amount of love I contain for my parents. No matter how sassy and moody I get, there always there for me and always encourage me to be myself and do what makes me happy. This is one of the million reasons I love Christmas- it always reminds me how amazing life can be and how thankful I am for everything....and the wonderful title is a quote from Pee Wee's Holiday Special~
My parents got me a RAD sweater, a warm headband/wrap thing, socks from We Love Colors, a new phone case, and the Pretty in Pink soundtrack (they know me so well)! My sister got me Wes Anderson/Twin Peaks pins and temporary hair color!
A close-up of the pins- my favorite is the dolphins one!
 My aunt's got me smell good stuff, my grandparents got me a scarf, and L.M. Strange got me the best freakin' leggings in the world (galaxy cats!!!) and a Mighty Boosh book!
 Josh got me a punny make-up bag, and Cass got me Warriors (aka the best movie ever) pins and a Billy Murray necklace!!!! 
My sister also surprised me with a BILL MURRAY PILLOW, and as I opened it she kept saying, "Murray Christmas."
Guys, I had a really great Christmas, and to top it off we saw Saving Mr. Banks- which was REALLY REALLY good. 
How was everyone else's? I'd love to hear all the crazy presents and family drama! 

Dec 23, 2013

shopping in a winter wonderland

~*~*~Romy & Michelle pose~*~*~
I've realized lately I haven't been getting as many comments as I used to. I know people are still reading my blog which means so much to me, but I don't know, I miss feedback (I guess- this all sounds very conceded- sorry it's probably nothing and I'm just overanalyzing )
Pop shop was the weekend, and overall it was a good experience. It was originally planned for Saturday, but the weather was too nasty so it was rescheduled to the next day. Sundays are naturally slow days, making the festival go by pretty slow. I had a few customers and broke a little bit over even so that's good. Luckily this didn't discourage my dad from wanting to do more in the future with me! Even though there wasn't much traffic I had an amazing time with my friends, parents, and fellow vendors (and won the raffle twice!!!). I picked up some really cute stuff while I was there, too (which I will hopefully post tomorrow or at least by the end of the week). And as always, photo creds to Cass~ I hope everyone has had a great Christmas Eve Eve, and hope the days to come with be even better! 

Dec 21, 2013

nothing says Christmas quite like an ugly sweater

This weekend my friends and I partook in a ugly Christmas sweater/white elephant exchange party. It was filled with wondrous holiday treats, hilarious gifts, and an interesting array of music. 
 Cass got the worst gift in white elephant exchange history. It was a porcelain frog totem pole from Goodwill. The present was beautifully wrapped so when she opened it, it was just one big ball of disappointment. I'm pretty sure no one ended up taking it home. Hopefully Josh (the host) was wanting to keep it to decorate his home.
 The gift Cass brought was the absolute best.
 My friend, Shelby, ended up getting my white elephant gift- Gladys, the most majestic creature in the land. After she got it and the game was over, her and I scrambled all over the house to take silly photos of Gladys in places she shouldn't be (the freezer, shower, microwave, closet, etc.). Naturally she loved the gift and told me it will look fantastic with Esmeralda, her vintage porcelain cat.
 ~True luv~
Overall it was a super fun night and I got some really cute gifts from my lovely friends. How has everyone's break been so far?