Dec 25, 2013

"If you don't have any snow use 20 lbs of coconut shavings!"

 Outfit details
jacket: Kohls, dress: garage sale/DIY, tights: UO, shoes: DSW, purse: vintage, ring: vintage
 Merry Christmas (/whatever you celebrate)! Although it didn't really have that Christmas feeling, I had a really good day with my family. I'm really pleased with my gifts and it just reminded me how thankful I am for my life and everyone in it. No matter how corny it sounds, I really mean it. I have no idea where I'd be without my amazing, supportive parents (probably in a ditch somewhere), and I definitely have no idea what I would do at family events without my sister. We've had shared many years together bitch-facing in the corner as we eat all the food. And I can honestly never be able to express the amount of love I contain for my parents. No matter how sassy and moody I get, there always there for me and always encourage me to be myself and do what makes me happy. This is one of the million reasons I love Christmas- it always reminds me how amazing life can be and how thankful I am for everything....and the wonderful title is a quote from Pee Wee's Holiday Special~
My parents got me a RAD sweater, a warm headband/wrap thing, socks from We Love Colors, a new phone case, and the Pretty in Pink soundtrack (they know me so well)! My sister got me Wes Anderson/Twin Peaks pins and temporary hair color!
A close-up of the pins- my favorite is the dolphins one!
 My aunt's got me smell good stuff, my grandparents got me a scarf, and L.M. Strange got me the best freakin' leggings in the world (galaxy cats!!!) and a Mighty Boosh book!
 Josh got me a punny make-up bag, and Cass got me Warriors (aka the best movie ever) pins and a Billy Murray necklace!!!! 
My sister also surprised me with a BILL MURRAY PILLOW, and as I opened it she kept saying, "Murray Christmas."
Guys, I had a really great Christmas, and to top it off we saw Saving Mr. Banks- which was REALLY REALLY good. 
How was everyone else's? I'd love to hear all the crazy presents and family drama! 


  1. OMG I think you have the best christmas outfit ever, the dress is beyond cute and i'm so jelly with all your christmas presents <3<3

  2. holy jesus that dress is insane i am in love!!

  3. That dress is like a beautiful Christmas tree, and the bag is perf! It's nice to hear that someone else had an un-christmassy but still lovely day. I'm glad I followed you, gurl.

  4. How do you have all these impossibly perfect clothes oh my. Your gifts are wonderful xx

  5. Sweet baby jesus, your outfit is to cry for!


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