May 29, 2013

you'll never guess where i found this dress and in other news Dick is a misleading title for a movie

I'm in love with my new dress! AND YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHERE I GOT IT. Yeah that's right the clearance rack at JCPenny. I know, I know, I'm still in shock, too. This is going to be a quick post, because I'm almost done with the new season of Arrested Development and then I need to catch some Z's. On the bright side I have about a week left of school and then SUMMER. The only downfall about the next week is finals, because I can't exempt any since I've missed too many days. I'm not too worried about finals, but I have really bad testing anxiety...The two finals I'm really worried about are Algebra II and Physics (mainly because I don't remember anything I've learned). So wish me luck! I've made a recent discovery: I use "oh" a lot whenever I'm speaking or typing and I'm going to try and cut back on it. Oh! (strike one) My theatre company and I are most likely going to perform A Midsummer's Night Dream for our Christmas show next year and I AM PUMPED. Lastly, one of my friends' grandmother cleaned out her closet and gave me a pile of vintage clothing!!! Holla~
 c. 1966
 the other night I sat down to watch the film, Dick, and it's probably one of the best movies ever! It's about these 15 year old girls who end up being Richard Nixon's dog walkers, because the administration thinks they know about the Watergate scandals. If you ever have the chance to see it, I highly recommend it!
 I don't know the maker of these shoes or where to find them but i need them
 me at school
 friendly reminder


  1. I love your dress!! And good luck in your finals

  2. this movie looks really interesting, i rhink i'll watch it! good luck in your finals, i guess everyone is waiting for the summer~~~~~

    [summer post full of flowers in my weirdoland -]

  3. the film looks so good! Definitley going to have to watch it

  4. your dress is giving me sgt pepper vibes :)

  5. I think the shoes are by nickolas kirkwood he also made these ( ) and your dress is BOMB.

  6. The shoes are by Sophia Webster, you can find them on net-a-porter but naturally they cost an arm and a leg (and a kidney and a pancreas..)

  7. Love that dress! And I want to see that movie now omg

  8. Dear god, the fabric of that dress is SO GOOD.


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