May 12, 2013

magic sun

close up of an old air conditioning unit (because i'm ~*~*~*~*~*artsy~*~*~*~*~*~*~)
 beret: gift, jacket: sister's (let's face it- it's mine now that I've sewn this AMAZING 
giant ramones patch on it), top: it's fashion metro, shorts: thrifted, socks: target, shoes: uo
 Happy Mother's Day everyone! I spent the day with my mom (whoa shocker) and we went to see the Great Gatsby (WHICH WAS PERFECT- leo 5ever) and then got Japanese food. So I'd say a day well spent. I decided to put this quick outfit post today, because the weather is freaking perfect outside, and I don't know what was up with the sun but it was just amazing and magical and yeah. The pictures explain what I mean. On another note my antique mall is slowly but surely getting complete! My dad and I spent all day yesterday painting the walls and shelves and are really close to getting done. (I've been putting updates on my twitter) Originally the booth was supposed to open on the 15th, but we've had some setbacks so it's now opening May 19th! I can't wait to be done and post pictures. Well, that's it for today~
P.S. I'm going to be in Austin in two weeks!!!


  1. you're a comic pop girrl! i like this mix of light blue and energetic red~~

  2. Your jacket is awesome! The Ramones have totally been my jam this week :) AND YOU TAKE THE MOST AMAZING PICTURES! :)


    1. Also, I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award on my blog:
      You're an amazing blogger! I hope you'll be able to check it out :)

  3. Love your outfit! And the jacket is amazing!!! Love the denim bralet! :) Great post! :) Now following you! I hope you will check out my blog too if you get the chance :)

  4. EEEE, Tessa!!! Your outfit is TO DIE 4 <3 I love love your POW! necklace with those shorts! Plus I am SO SO exited to see your antique booth! I wish I could shop there myself, girl <3

  5. Such gorgeous pictures! Your outfit rocks too <3


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