May 5, 2013

summer needs to hurry up

 A short photo shoot done at 8.30 pm, because I'm anxious for summer, and I don't want to read about Richard Nixon for my history exam this week. Soooo happy May everyone! And you know what May means....IT'S ALMOST SUMMER! The months of scorching weather, sleepless nights, cloud watching, and pointless exploring. I'm so pumped for this summer (mainly because school will be out and i can focus more on my antique booth), but it is taking it's sweet time getting here. So far in May I have lost track of time by thinking Wednesday was Tuesday and thinking there was 31 days in April (Nope there's only 30). Maybe I'm so excited, because I get to live in shorts, summer dress, and rompers. I don't really know- but I do know summer needs to get here faster! 
fake flowers found at goodwill (guess who has a new sunflower crown? yeah, I do)

Everybody has those summer tunes they always listen to. So here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!


  1. I want your Jimi doll! Though he does look quite comfortable sitting next to Spider Man there.

  2. ah, i need summer too. tired of learning, but exams are coming. oh crap, they're starting tomorrow!

  3. Hi, Tessa! You have a fun blog here and I decided to follow you. Many of your favorite things are also favorites of mine, including the Sixties, vinyl records, Beach Boys, Ghost World, Virgin Suicides, That Girl and much more. I grew up in the 50s and 60s and celebrate the music and memories of the period on my blog. I invite you to come over and take a look around when you get a chance. I'd love to have you as a follower and a friend. Thank you, Tessa!


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