Apr 30, 2013

beat it, creep

I can't even explain how pretty it was today. Though it was pretty hot, the sun was so bright, and the sky was so blue. This here post is just an outfit post, but in honor of the good weather it was taken outside~
 dress: vintage, top worn as collar: vintage, necklace: mom's, belt: gift, denim jacket: diy/thrifted, leggings: dollar store
 unfortunately my camera had a panic attack and didn't take a clear picture of my newest patch...It's Wanda from Cry Baby and it says BEAT IT CREEP.
 and most importantly we made rangoons for dinner! (recipe here)
 crappy webcam make-up-appreciation picture


  1. I love your dress with your collar! The weather was fabulous here as well :) I love these pictures too!


  2. That dress is so cute! Jealous

  3. heavenly photos, i love this dress with collar, and denim jacket of course <3
    [my weirdoland - www.pigeongray.blogspot.com]

  4. That first picture (and the others, but mainly the first one) look like they could be taken by a professional. Your photography is always stunning, Tessa. :) Love the outfit too!

  5. Tessa you are so gorgeous! Your style is just amazing. All the time. X


  6. love your outfit!! and your photography is gorgeous. and i'm totally coveting your jean jacket.
    xx Lizzy


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