Mar 7, 2015

tiny dancer

Hello children of the universe!
I would like to start off by saying this is my 200th post. It's so crazy to think I've made so many posts, tbh. I'm usually really good about starting stuff, but not keeping up with it. So the fact that I still update at least twice a month is kind of a miracle. Other than that, there's nothing new with me. I have a job interview tomorrow, and let's hope it goes well!

A little side note, I decided to name this post Tiny Dancer, because of the film, Almost Famous. I felt like my outfit today was very reminiscent of the character, Sapphire.
thrifted jacket
vintage hat
forever21 necklace
forever21 blouse
forever21 bell bottoms
charlotte russe booties
rings either thrifted or a gift

Below is a small moodboard of a few things that I've been really digging lately. And I hope you dig them, too!
Coach shoes  // Carolines Mode
Girl Gang / Tumblr
Girl Gang / Style Bubble / Thunder & Threads
Style Bubble / The Clothes Horse


  1. your patchwork X bell bottoms combination is perfect Tessa!! plus your hair looks so lovely in these photos, but it always looks lovely. You know what I mean- at least I hope you do <3

    your moodboards and inspo pics are all so colourful but definitely more modern and lend themselves towards editorials rather than pop culture references which is a nice change :)

    1. Thank you so much, Adele!!

      Yeah, I tried doing a more modern moodboard for once, and I'm just glad someone else noticed <333

  2. Did you get the pants recently? reaaally want them :O xx

    1. Yes! Here is the link to the white version:

  3. Those bellbottoms are soooo Sapphire <3 Love them!

  4. "SupercalfragilisticXpealadoshious" OX

  5. That necklace is everything! I love it!!

  6. Lovely outfit as always. Those pants are to die for.


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