Mar 1, 2015

tired of waiting

Salutations, babes!
I've been very tired lately. I hate living a routine, and it feels like nothing exciting is happening. Don't get me wrong, life is what you make it, but I can't be positive all the time. It's really hard to be positive when you're static. Maybe that's my problem... I'm greatly considering to pick up jogging in the mornings. Hopefully that will help me get out of this funk. I'm just tired of waiting (for moving and film school tbh)
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vintage blouse
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ANYWAYS, I feel like I should care more about NYFW (and LFW and basically every fashion week) than I actually do. Don't get me wrong, I always drool over all the amazing, unique pieces that hit the runway every season. But does anyone else find it so overwhelming? There are so many designers and such little time! And on top of that, I'm only hurting myself, because, let's face it, I can't afford any of the wearable art or anything that comes remotely close to it. I don't mean to be a negative Nancy about this, but is it frustrating for anyone else? Maybe I'm so grumpy about Fashion Week, because deep down I just want to drool over everything IRL. I would love to be able to attend at least one event in New York City for Fashion Week once in my lifetime. I don't know if it will ever even happen, but I feel like it's a nice (slight-realistic) long-term goal.

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All this being said, I do want to talk about one designer that is really, really important to me. DI$COUNT UNIVER$E is basically everything I've ever wanted in clothing and more. Although I don't own a lot of pieces, sequins are my absolute favorite thing to add to an outfit. Don't get me wrong, vintage clothing will always be the top dog in my heart, but oh man, DI$COUNT knows what they are doing, let me tell ya.
 I think the reason why I love them so much is the fact that I have never seen anything else like it. I'm trying to branch out (even more, I suppose) into a very unique, eclectic look for myself. Besides attending film school and moving out, it looks like it is my year's goal I have set for myself. At the same time, I have to tone it down for work. Luckily, I'm grateful enough to have a job where I can still flaunt my personal style, it's just in a different way than what I would wear to a lunch date with pals or a concert (aka get dressed up and chill around the house, but you know what I mean). It's as if there are two separate versions of me when it comes to my style nowadays. There's work/business Tessa who wears midi pencil skirts, stiletto heels, and blazers. Then, there's full peacock Tessa who sports funky patterns, mismatch ensembles, and bright colors.
Here's my favorite video of Betsey Johnson that I've been meaning to share with y'all! Whenever I feel uninspired I always watch this, and feel so much better about myself.

P.S. I applied for a sales position at LUSH cosmetics so please cross your lovely fingers for me!!

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  1. your blond hair looks hella cute Tessa altho I do muss the orange a tiny bit! jogging may be able to get you out of your funk but there's a bunch of other hobbies as well if you still need to be cut off mid-funk

    I agree with you on the full frontal nature of fashion week and fashion month in general but I find it a motivating factor for my blogging and writing in general to cover as much as I can, as well as make girls and women with similar interests aware of what's out there
    I'd love to go to NYFW or LFW tho, that's a longtime goal of mine too :)

    1. Thank you so much, Adele! I miss it too, but I got tired of not being able to wear pink and red (it does not look good with orange hair). Yeah I know there's other hobbies out there, but my old hobbies (like crafts and drawing) just doesn't do it for me anymore. :-( I'm looking into making my own clothing, though! So maybe that will be the perfect thing for me. I'm still going to try jogging, but there's no guarantee of me liking it so we will see.

      Tbh, the only time I'm even ever into fashion week is when you post about it! Maybe it's because I'm lazy... who knows!

  2. I feel the same way about Fashion Week too! I love it but it's so difficult to keep up and then I feel like a "bad" fashion blogger/follower which I know is dumb.
    Anyway, I want Betsey Johnson's glitter lounge wear.

  3. oh my gosh the DI$COUNT UNIVER$E collection is AMAZING!! I've never really payed attention to fashion week at all, but I love seeing the occasional stuff.

    I think it's a winter thing, you're so limited in every sense (especially what you can wear) hopefully your funk lifts soon!


    1. Their stuff is always soooo amazing! I think I'm the same way. Too much of fashion week can be a bit overwhelming...

      The weather is a part of my funk, but it's kind of been like this for a few months (before it got cold)... so who knows

  4. I love fashion week, but i really do hate it as well. I want every single piece that passes the runway and I want to sit front row and get free clothes, because all those clothes are so freaking expensive... So yeah, I get you!

  5. you have such cool and eclectic style. love it!

    Natalie Off Duty

  6. Love this look and your hair!

    I've nomiated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, hope you enjoy!


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