Jan 30, 2014

you don't know what it's like to be 17 and alone

jacket: sister's/gift, necklace: Kohls, top: Goodwill, belt: vintage, skirt: vintage (it's super shiny and metallic in person btw), Doc Marten boots (Kudos to my adorable, perfect mom who took these photos!) I feel like this should be retitled "rachet hair" but maybe that's just me...

You guys! What has happened??? Besides today I have only blogged once this month! I've been super busy with school and stuff for my German competition (this weekend). At the same time, I have felt super sluggish and unmotivated to do anything for myself. I'm almost 100% sure it's due to school and the people who attend. Lately I've noticed most of my classmates are super close minded and the work I do in my classes is a big waste of time. So yeah, lots of things have happened. I got a part in my last high school play (aw sad but happy feelings), it snowed this week (IT NEVER SNOWS!!!), my theatre teacher gave me the grooviest purse and jacket in the world (pics2come), and I discovered some new good tunes (Including Natalia Kills omg what a babe). I've also got into the habit of expressing my side thoughts through parenthesis. And I need to work on scholarships!!! I keep saying I will, but since I typed it on here, I'm making it an official goal. You guys can't let me slack and be a loser. This is just a warning that this will be a pretty lengthy post. So if you want to continue reading go ahead! And if you don't, whatever, screw you (I'm just kidding I still luv you come back).
On the bright side of things I only have four months left of school! Plus the mini pops at the beginning of the month went really well for me and I'm very excited for the next one I work at in March. I'm also excited for February because I'm visiting Texas State (which is the project I plan on attending as long as I get enough scholarships). It's 20 minutes away from Austin and my dad is taking me for the whole weekend (even though we are only visiting the school for a day) so that's REALLY EXCITING. 

Me all "official" at the Mini Pops festival. Isn't that jacket amazing??? I got it that day for about forty bucks and it's so great to feel like a real-life muppet.

I've been super passionate about fashion lately. I get mad at myself some days because I get too tired to take photos of my outfits, but like I LOVE THEM so much lately. I'm at that point where I don't care if it's vintage/designer/department- I just really love fashion. It is the best way ever to express yourself and in a way, is it's own art. So you know what, go fashion, you rule. Like, do you ever just want to cry because you love something so much??? Yes? No? Yes? Well, that's how I've been with fashion and music lately. Oh, speaking of music, if it wasn't for that sweet-ass invention I wouldn't survive school. Man, music has been getting me through a lot of asinine school days. Today I didn't have headphones, and really and truly I thought I was going to die.
Miss June '75 by Justine @TPZ 
Christian Dior spring 2014 couture details // Christopher Kane S/S 2014 
You guys, I would do anything for these two outfits above. Aren't they stunning??? I've honestly never seen anything like it. I have a good feeling that 2014 is going to be a good year for fashion.
1991 pro-choice public service announcement that features Corina, Juliet Cuming, Kim Gordon, Lady Miss Kier, MC Lyte, Kate Pierson, Crystal Waters, and Tina Weymouth 
(last three) tumblr 

Stay tuned, because I still have a lot of things to catch up on (pen pals, late xmas gifts, etc etc etc)!

Jan 18, 2014

all dressed up and nowhere to go: Paul Fredrick

dress shirts and ties from the Paul Fredrick's spring collection
I don't think I've ever mentioned this on my blog, but I really love men's fashion. For the most part, it's always super sleek, simple, and freakin' fantastic. My favorite part about men's fashion is the dress shirt and tie. Even though it's most common with men, it looks amazing on anyone. I absolutely adore collared tops, and Paul Fredrick's new collection of dress shirts has put me in awe. Not only are their button-ups flawless, but you can't forget their amazing ties! It would be sacrilegious to get one and not the other, because all of the prints and colors flow so well together. As most of you can tell, I really love clashing patterns, and Paul Fredrick's collection just happens to have that with their new spring line. Below is an inspired look from the collection I put together. I wore one of my dad's funky ties with a boat-blueprint-button up, and of course a bright flower crown to embrace the red hues in the tie. 
flower crown: DIY, tie: dad's, shirt: thrifted

Below is some of my favorite pieces from Paul Fredrick's new collection. They remind me of Wes Anderson films because of the kitschy patterns and coordinating colors. Couldn't you see one of the Wilson brothers wear one of these pieces? The ones that remind me most of Wes are the blue and white striped one with the whale print tie. I mean, c'mon, you can't tell me that's not a perfect combination!
Really and truly, the tie is the perfect accessory. Not only can it be worn around your neck as the traditional style, but it can also be worn as a headband (I mean look at Rosie the Riveter), a belt, and so much more. On top of everything, it's super mod, and they don't call me the Mad Mod for nothing! I hardly wear ties, but Paul Fredrick's collection is pushing me into that direction. Can you imagine how cute a men's dress shirt, tie and skin tight mini skirt would look? Let's just say it'd probably be the cutest thing ever (I'm I right?). I've come to realize that some of my favorite magazines and women have rocked the menswear look, and I must say, they look Gone With The Wind fabulous. Below are all of my favorite photos of women in menswear, and let me know what you think!
 TwiggyJanelle MonaeLIFELucille Ball, Annie Lennox, Janelle Monae (again because she's perfect)

If you liked what you've seen, check out even more amazing dress shirts and ties at Paul Frederick's website.

Jan 6, 2014

change is good + first OOTD of 2014

Happy 2014 everybody! I can't believe it's already next year. Everything has been going by so fast and it's all happening at once. This year is my last semester of high school!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I normally don't use excess punctuation, but that's really how excited I am to get the hell away from my school and (most) of the people there. Right after I graduate in May I'm going to Europe for two weeks with some friends and old teachers (England, France, and Germany) and I swear I'm going to be crying and eating during the entire trip. Besides all of that amazing stuff I'm working on expanding The Mad Mod Shop, which has a new Facebook Page so go check it out!! I will also be doing much more Pop Shop events. My first Pop Shop event I'll be doing is January 12th so if any of you can make it I would love to see you guys!(see more info below) I'm also in the middle of filling out scholarships, making a short film+a thousand other things for school. So even though it's just the first week of the year, a lot has happened so far!

hat: vintage, scarf; gift, mini dress: vintage, belt: gift, leggings: Kohls, socks: UO, shoes: vintage
GUYS IT WAS ACTUALLY COLD TODAY (25 degrees F) which explains the hat and scarf. It was actually kind of miserable, but it was better then muggy or hot weather. Besides what I'm wearing in the photos I also had two jackets and a sweater. Although the weather is to my pleasing, school is not. I have to go back tomorrow and due to winter break I'm not sure if I'm ready. I know I have only one more semester, but that's one too many. I'm getting two new classes (advanced placement government and theatre office aid) so I'm anxious to get started in those classes. The thing I'm dreading most are the people and college algebra. As Audrey Horne once said, "In real life you don't need algebra." Which is 100% true.

If any of you lovely kitties can come to this I'll love you forever and even tell you a bad joke or two! If you let me know you read my blog I'll make sure to treat you well and give you a discount! Besides my booth there's going to be amazing other vendors who sell their art, photography, vintage clothing, antiques+more! And there's going to be FREE DIY SESSIONS ALL DAY LONG!!! You can RSVP here!
new year, new vintage, Vintage, VINTAGE (+ socks from Buffalo Exchange)!!! If you can't tell by the pictures from below I had the best vintage adventure ever a few days ago.

Since my plans/life has been kind of scattered and all over the place lately so has my taste in music/fashion/etc. One minute I'll be listening to Hunx & His Punx and then the Chantels. During the break I've also seen (and rewatched) a bunch of movies, like Evil Dead II, Saved!, The Great Gatsby, etc. Luckily since I'm on break I've been able to spend more time on the internet (before the break I hardly was able to get on I was so busy), and I've been able to find a plethora of new inspiration and pretty photos. ALSO, I'm highly considering dying my hair for the new year. I'm sort of really scared to since I've been blonde for almost four years now, but I could really go for a change. Because change is good.

DisneylandEvil cross-stitch by Mana MorimotoDonna Reed, unknown The Hair Hall of Fame | Retro Kooky 8,"Some Baby!" platform shoes, 1973,  unknown, Bloemstilleven by Jan Voerman Jr., unknown/new tumblr backgroundPeanuts,  my instagram

I made this playlist about how being in love seems like a cool thing (because of movies), but in all honesty I could care less about being in love right now. If that makes any sense at all???

I hope everyone's new year is going amazing so far! How was everyone's New Year's Eve??? (a little late to ask oops)