Oct 30, 2013

you can't reason with a headless man

I'm so excited for tomorrow!!! At the same time I'm dreading it, because my school is always anti-fun when it comes to any sort of dressing up (even on spirit days), but hopefully the Halloween spirit will be crawling within them...Any-who tonight is Mischief Night! According to Wikipedia it's defined as "...an annual tradition in parts of the United KingdomCanada, and the United States when people (primarily teenagers and preteens) take a degree of license to play pranks and do mischief in their neighbourhoods." The other night I hung out with a few friends, and I thought it was very appropriate(actually perfect) to save for this day! S/o to Josh for taking all these photos~

P.S. What's everyone's plans for tomorrow???

Oct 28, 2013

i can see your eyes, i can see your brain, baby nothing's changed

jacket: Kohl's, tank top: sister's, belt: thrifted, skirt: UO
I am so lucky that a group of wonderful friends visited me at work last weekend! Normally I'm just listening to records, drinking coffee, talking to cute old people, and crying in the restroom (which is a pretty good day, but wayyyy better with friends). One of my cool kitties, Maria, brought me a pumpkin frappe, and I died and went to heaven. It was such a FUN day, and at the end of the day I went to Josh's house to watch movies, make s'mores and explore a cemetery (I'll probs post those tomorrow)! Overall it was a really good weekend, and even though I was forced to go back to school it was kind of worth it.  
my real home
 the old Freemason's meeting room (AKA the David Lynch room)
my booth!
 the lovely photographer, Damon!
Oh yeah, we also found a REAL bone right outside where I work...

Oct 27, 2013

it's just a perfect day, i'm glad i spent it with you

headband: handmade, dress: UO, leggings: Miracle Eye, shoes: Doc Martens, belt: vintage
So instead of going to the football game this Saturday some friends and I decided to take photos in the woods next to my house. I'm so happy with these photos, because they just have really great fall vibes and the sun piercing through the trees is just freakin' beautiful. I'm kind of in love with the dress I'm wearing for a million reasons. I bought it on clearance from Urban Outfitters for $10, and it's probably the most versatile, comfiest dress I have ever owned in my entire life. Annnnnd the shoulders are cut out and I just think that is too cool. Ugh, the weather has been so perfect lately. The hottest it's been is 75(F), and I wish it would be like this all year round. 

If you haven't heard, Lou Reed died today... It's really bummed me out today, because he was such a legend, and has brought me so much inspiration through writing and music. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do except continuing listening to his flawless music and share it with the world, because that's what he would want.

Oct 20, 2013

holy bat skirt, batman!

 jacket: Kohl's, top: vintage, bat-tie: DIY/seasonal aisle @Walgreens, skirt: handmade, tights: ???, shoes: Forever21
I'm totally in love/proud of this bat skirt I made! My theatre teacher was getting rid of a bunch of fabric, and I found this beauty peaking out along with a few other Halloween fabrics. I made the skirt based off of another one I've made, so it's a little janky, but there's nothing safety pins cannot fix! Unfortunately the blue/purple has almost completely faded in my hair, but that just means I can apply at some jobs now (most places in the country aren't fans of "fake" colored hair apparently). So far I plan on applying to Starbucks, because that's the only place I know of near me that's hiring (with the age requirement at 16). I don't really want to work there, but I need a job besides my antique booth, and yeahhh. But there's nothing more in life that I want more in this world then to GRADUATE ALREADY. I'm 1000% done with high school, and I want to start my life already. I know when I get out it will be a lot more difficult, but in all honestly, it's worth it. What do you guys do to get past your school days blues?
GUYS IT IS FINALLY FEELING LIKE OCTOBER. The weather is cooling off, it's been sprinkling all day, and the sun isn't out. I have never been so excited for weather in my life, and I can really get into the spooky spirit now.
collage by me, pictures from tumblr/unknown
I had a Halloween party with some lovely friends this weekend (where I was Gilly from SNL)! Look for the rest of the photos on The Pulp Zine sometime soon ;-)
Just some really nice October vibe photos by Damon.

Oct 15, 2013

meet me at the cemetery

bow: Payless Shoes, jacket: thrifted/DIY, top: thrifted, necklace: Kohl's, skirt: Mom's, tights: Forever21, shoes: DSW (btw I look so squinty/bitchface in these photos because it was awkwardly sunny, and my allergies will be the death of me)
I can't even put together proper sentences to describe how excited I am for Halloween. I'm slowly getting into the October feels (even though the month is halfway over). I started pulling decorations out for my Halloween party this weekend, and all of a sudden I AM SO PUMPED I always forget just how much I love October and the (second) best holiday ever. My dad got a projector so we plan on watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show outside on a big sheet and I AM SO EXCITED. My theatre teacher gave me a bunch of Halloween fabric (because she was going to THROW IT AWAY!!!), and I decided to make a skirt out of some of the fabric- so keep an eye out for that! Another thing great about this month is that you can eat ALL the candy you want, and can't be judged. 
Okay, some of my favorite blogger babes are always in the Halloween spirit, and I just love them to death because of it. 
Spookypuke is probably my biggest creepy-crawly inspiration ever. I mean look at her- she is the living, breathing Halloween!
Throughout the month I plan to talk about more blogger babes, and LOTS more inspiration. For now enjoy this spotify playlist I CAN'T stop listening to!