Oct 13, 2013

it doesn't even feel like october

hat: vintage/gift, jumpsuit: vintage, necklace: Kohl's, shoes: Doc Martens
OH MY GOODNESS, it feels like I have been gone for years (although it was just a week-ish). I have been sooooo busy lately, and I'm just now finding time to blogging. It's actually been so hectic, I didn't realize it was already October! The weather in Texas has suuuuuucked all month, because it's either rainy, humid, hot or all of the above. Where I live there aren't a lot of houses that decorate for Halloween, and that bites, too...On the bright side I'm having a Halloween party soon, and I plan on showing Rocky Horror Picture Show and making s'mores while dressed as Gilly.
 Vintage roller skates I bought, and now I'm not sure what to do with them...Maybe I'll finally learn how to skate!
 The least messiest part of my room right now.
VIP passes and wristbands from events I've attended this week!
Pictures I took in Louisiana I've been meaning to scan (which I will probably never get around to)

Even though the past weeks have been a drag, this last week really made up for it. Not only did I get to see Walk The Moon in concert (and meet them!), but Dark Deeds At Swans Place or Never Trust A Tattooed Sailor (a melodrama play I'm in, and I've helped make a lot of the costumes) was a success, ANNNND I went to the food truck festival today! So even though I've felt like a useless blob for a while, it finally paid off. Because of school I felt like an emotion-filled sack of meat, and I realized no one says how I'd been feeling better than Marcia Brady. Although she's probably the most annoying character, she's definitely the most quotable, and by far the most fashionable. I no longer feel like I'm stuck in a rut, but the hours in a day seems to be shrinking, and when I'm not busy, I'm exhausted. The past few days I've been having an internal battle for what I'm going to choose as my major in college...For a while I stuck with fashion merchandising, but I realized that's not the thing for me. I'm now leaning towards technical/design theatre, because it involves a lot of things I'm interested in (costume design, playwright, acting, set design, etc.). Who knows what I'll decide on by the time I actually get into college. I just hope I pick whatever is the best for me, and that it makes me happy.
Me and some friends with Walk the Moon!

a playlist by the lovely Clothes Horse to help you get into the Halloween mood~


  1. Gilly! That's a brilliant idea for a costume!

  2. i'm glad you feel better - i was also having dark thoughts and i kinda stopped believing in my art, these things happen...it's so cool that you're working with theatre!
    i can't wait to see photos from your halloween party, i'm also planning to throw one ^^

    weirdoland - pigeongray.blogspot.com

    PS. have you got my letter?

  3. Your eyeliner flicks are incredible! I love your jumpsuit too. If you're thinking of learning to skate you could try taking up roller derby, it's the bee's knees <3
    Jordan - snottyprincess.blogspot.co.uk


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