Sep 30, 2014

filthy fall

♥ gifted shirt ♥ vintage skirt ♥ Adidas sneakers ♥ Urban Outfitters spike bracelet ♥ gifted bracelets ♥
Howdy friends! Life has been very crazy this past week. Between watching Pretty Little Liars, volunteering at the costume shop, and meeting my hero- Oh, what? YEAH, that's right! This past weekend I was graced by the magical presence of Betsey Johnson!!!! This woman was the reason I got into fashion, and I still can't believe I got to meet her! Of course, I couldn't go without making her a custom flower crown (that she is wearing in the picture below and SHE LOVED IT!)~ The minute she saw me, Betsey actually got up and hugged me, and I just don't have words to describe how happy I was. Gosh, I just can't stop looking at this photo of us. It was just the absolutely best day of my life (minus the fact that I was really sick but shhhhh). Meeting her was everything I have ever imagined and more. Betsey is just so angelic, bubbly, and dainty. AND DID I MENTION SHE DID A CARTWHEEL in the middle of Nordstrom (which is where I'm trying to get a Summer job)!? I still can't believe this happened to me *cue big fat smelly nerd grin* and also, if anyone is interested, I made it on Betsey's Insta page! 
A sneak peak of what to expect from The Pulp Zine later this week~ All I can say is that is filthy fashion inspired by John Waters, and art done by none other than Queen Essine

All right, I'm going to leave on a bit of inspiration. Fall is making it's way, and I couldn't be happier! Overcast, windy, rainy days is what I live for, and I feel like it's coming early (maybe just for me, haha). The best part about the cool weather is the fact that I finally get to start dressing up again (because I have seriously been wearing yoga pants and t-shirts lately since it is so dang hot). I can dream of owning Marc Jacobs newest daisy perfume and $500 coats and skirts, but when shopping on a budget, I can always depend on SheInside. The second college is all the pieces from the site I have been drooling over since they've been added! I mean c'mon, do you see that eye sweater!? It is everything I never knew I wanted/needed, and now I seriously cannot get enough of it.

What are your goals for fall? Inspiration? Leave a comment below and let me know! 

Sep 21, 2014

damn fine cup of coffee

♥ diy flower crown ♥ thrifted/diy top ♥ necklace from some cute shop in Switzerland ♥ Forever21 leggings ♥
This weekend was one of the first in a while where I had absolutely nothing planned except for studying and homework. It was relaxed, but a bit depressing. Since I had nothing planned, I had the whole weekend to myself, and had a lot of time to think. I started thinking about how I don't really have many friends (and the ones I do have are busy a lot of the time or far away). It really bummed me out, and then I went deeper down the rabbit hole, and realized how homesick I've become. Most of my pals at school think it's funny I miss my parents and everyone so much...Ugh, I don't know. I just need to get busy so I don't get in this funk again. I guess this is what it feels like to be an adult. Once I adjust I think I'll get a lot better, but for now I want to go home! 

Well, on the bright side, I found a really great coffee shop in walking distance from my dorm. If there's anything in this world that makes me feel better (except shopping of course), it's coffee. And Wake The Dead has some kick ass coffee! So one of my friends and I ended up chilling out and studying for a majority of the day there. It almost immediately got me out of my funk with it's chill vibes and damn fine coffee.
A really great playlist Arabelle made that I've been jamming to all weekend.
Well, that's all that is new for me. I hope all of you had a great weekend. What helps you cool cats get out of that awful feeling funk?
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Sep 19, 2014

fashion fuddy-duddy

The pictures above is basically how my life has been lately. I've been wearing that outfit a lot, that tea has been my life (along with other herbs and chlorophyll hehe), new jacket, new shoes, and I doodle too much in class. Also, don't forget to enter my Oasap giveaway the ends 3 days!

Don't get me wrong, I love fashion as much as the next cool cat (if not more), but sometimes comfort is key. Especially when you have six college classes, and are in two theatre productions on top of a million extracurricular activies. Oh yeah, that's right, you heard me! Starting later this month I am on costume crew for Rent, and then in October I start rehearsal for another show, Blue Window (more details to come). So, yeah, life has been pretty great to me lately, but that being said, I have been super tired. On top of that, the weather has been brutal, so I've only been wearing really comfy, basic clothes. It breaks my heart to do this, but I would rather not drown in my own sweat at the moment. 

Now just because I've been a total fashion fuddy-duddy, doesn't mean I've been finding inspiration for Fall! My goal this season (when it FINALLY cools off) is to have lots of pastels, 1950s/60s vibes, and just be a sophisticated 12-year old dream boat that might possibly be a John Waters creation. But who knows what I'll end up wearing, that's just the goal here.
x x x
What's all of y'alls fall fashion inspo? Leave a comment below~

Sep 14, 2014

Oasap Giveaway!


 I am so so excited to announce another giveaway! Thanks to the wonderful land of Oasap, all you cool cats will have the chance to win either the Eye Sleeveless Dress, a Paneled Houndstooth A-line Dress, a Ruffled Sleeveless Chiffon Dress, a Vintage Jacquard Sleeveless Dress, or a Black Cut Out Mini Dress. Just a few things to keep in mind: Oasap is only doing this giveaway if there are at least 50 participants, and please make sure to leave a comment below with your e-mail address (so if you are the winner we can let you know!). 

And on a side note, how perfect is this sweater?!!

I will be e-mailing the winner September 23rd. Good luck everybody!

Sep 5, 2014

hot stuff

From sequin trousers, to cherry prints, to knee high socks, to faux fur: Betsey Johnson's ready to wear collection is everything I've ever wanted. I'm also just sitting in bed dreaming of being at NYFW... I can't wait for the year I get to go (which will probably be awhile because $$$$$ but it will be sooo worth it). Betsey's vibrant ready to wear collection makes me feel like my wardrobe is lacking color, and I'm craving some new vintage dresses- which happens every season for me, but still. In a way, it makes me really sad, because it's been so hot I haven't been able to wear any of my fav pieces. Luckily it's only been 95 degrees this week (the past two have been over 100), but still. I'm just ready to wear layers!!! Everyone keeps talking/blogging about all their fall fashion, and I'm just here like wearing crop tops and bike shorts trying not to drown in my own sweat. 

If anyone is wondering, I've been enjoying college so far! It's a really weird and difficult adjustment, but it's all good. It's the first time I've ever had a sense of community, and everyone is so considerate (for the most part), which is something I am not used to at all. I also had auditions for a few shows last week! I got call backs to three (I didn't get cast in any, BUT STILL!) great shows (Midsummer Night's Dream, Behanding in Spokane, and On the 5:31), so that's really cool~ Unlike most freshman I signed up for more classes that has to do with my major- costume design. Besides english and intro to fine arts, I have all theatre/design courses! I've also been invited to a bunch of parties, but I always happen to have a date with Leslie Knope and gluten free PB&J's instead...
That's it with me! I promise to take more photos when it isn't so hot outside! How have you cool cats been? Any weird/fun back to school occurrences? Feel free to leave a comment below to tell me all about it!