Jul 29, 2012


I'm not really sure how to start this post so I'll just start talking (typing actually, but you get the point). I'm putting up a post a little earlier than usual because I'm going to New Orleans in a few days (for my birthday! I'm very excited).

Anyways, I really like art, and my favourite is pop art! You know the WHAM! BAM! BOOM! stuff. Well it's not just WHAM! BAM! BOOM! stuff but that's what a lot of people know it buy, and awful pictures like this. I don't know what it is about pop art but it really pops out to me (pun intended) compared to other art styles. Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, in my opinion, are the best/most influential pop artists. They both did silk screening and it's just really cool, I'd like to learn how to do it.

Roy Lichtenstein......................................................................Andy Warhol
Roy_Lichtenstein_Drowning_GirlAndy Warhol Liz in the Ken C. Arnold Art Collection
Roy Lichtenstein 'Crying Girl', 1964, Milwaukee Museum of Art, Milwaukee, WisconsinAndy Warhol
Roy LichtensteinAndy Warhol, Campbell's Soup Cans detailRoy-Lichtenstein-KissThe Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico

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I always count old comic books as pop art, too. They're just so much better than modern day comics, and it's because of the art! So these random pictures below is just a collection of comic/magazine pictures that remind me of pop art, and they make me happy.

UntitledCampus Loves #2 (1950)UntitledThe H Bomb and You (1954)
10-2-2010 4-58-59 PM(sources: a magazine I own [1 & 2], unknown, unknown, 5, 6, 78, 9)

While I'm talking about Andy Warhol, David Bowie has this really great song he wrote about Andy (Bowie also played Andy Warhol in a movie; Basquiat). Who's your favourite (pop) artist?

On another note, I've always wanted to have an old fashion party with friends. (Like in the 60s/70s when you'd hang out and listen an dance to records), and one of my friends wanted to as well! So she threw a party and it was just fantastic. You know, teenagers normally have parties with alcohol and drugs, but the parties I go to has capri suns, fruit, and sodas (only before 7pm though. JUST KIDDING, i'm not that square). We listened to sooo many good records! T.Rex, Elvis Presley, Black Sabbath, The Monkees, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Motley Crue, Queen, Pink Floyd, and sooo many others. The whole party was super nostalgic and luckily the host, L.M. Strange took many pictures to capture the great event. I feel like the black and white/grainy effects make the party seem even more nostalgic.
Party preparation isn't easy.

I dance by myself a lot.

Wow this turned out to be a long post! Geez. I take up too much space, sorry guys. I'll be updating after I get back from New Orleans and worry not! I shall take pictures (I got a fancy disposable camera from UO and I'm really pumped to use it). So have a fabulous week everyone! xx

Jul 24, 2012

We Are the Mods!

So I realized that a lot of people don't know what "mods" are, and in my description to the right it says "an eccentric mod...blahblahblah." I assume most of you that are reading this are thinking "What the hell is that? Is it that thing next to my computer that you put dvds in?" I can assure you that a mod isn't a mod-em (as far as I know). Mods (came from the word Modernists) were the rivals of Rockers (aka Teddy Boys) in the 60's/70's. They're notorious for riding their Lambrettas/Vespas (high performance italian scooters), popping pills, being well-dressed, listen to ska/jazz, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, The Small Faces (etc.), dance to live music, and normally feel misunderstood (Mods are the epitome of teen angst). Well, besides the pill-popping non-sense I can relate to all of that. I don't really feel misunderstood either, because I understand who I am and that's all that matters but I'm a teenager. What do I know? 

While I'm on the subject of mods, one of my favourite movies is about a mod and his mod antics. Quadrophenia was originally a rock opera by The Who, and I guess they were so pleased with themselves they made it into a movie (I'm not complaining though!). The main character is Jimmy who hates his life, his parents, and his job. The only time he feels excepted is when he's with his friends who are in a mod clique. There's really not more I can say that won't give anything away about the movie, but it's truly amazing (and so is the soundtrack!)

Quadrophenia at Sounds Film Festival 2008
QuadropheniaQuadrophenia 6
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"Look I don't wanna be the same as everybody else. That's why I'm a mod, see? I mean,  you gotta be somebody, ain't ya, or you might as well jump in the sea and drown." -Well said, Jimmy.

Have I convinced you to watch this movie yet? And if there's another movie about mods (not a documentary though) that any of you guys know about I'd love to know! 

Anyways I've been back on my busy track! A few friends and I actually took some pictures today making fun of soft grunge but they actually came out really well. And in a few days another friend is throwing a vintage/lp party (where people have to dress vintage and bring a record/45/cassette) and then I'm getting a few friends together and we're going to try to start a girl band. And after all of that happens I get to go to New Orleans for my sixteenth birthday! I'm really excited because we're going by train and I've never been on a train and my excitement level is at a asdfghjkl; right now. 

In the past week people have taken some pictures of me (not like an outfit of the day thing though) and I really liked how some turned out so take a gander.
This one's my favourites, and it was taken by Damon. The film messed up, but it just looks really great to me.

Also taken by Damon^

The other night I got really bored and I hadn't done anything productive all day. So I decided to dress up and do my make-up like the lovely Edie Sedgwick. I watched Factory Girl the other day (WHICH WAS SO GOOD. I highly recommend it if you dig the 60's.) 

Zoot Suit - The High Numbers
My Babe- The Remains
Tin Soldier - The Small Faces
I'm the Face - The High Numbers
Gloria - Shadows of Knight
When I Think of You - Twiggy Lawson
Elenore - The Turtles
Wooly Bully - Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs 
Sometimes - The Zombies
Jan Pehchan Ho - Mohammed Rafi Gumnaam 
I Can Tell - Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
I'm One - The Who

Jul 5, 2012

Choose your own adventure Pt.2... and then some

 "Throw your heart out in front of you and run ahead to catch it."

I'm not one to start something with a quote unless I'm forced to, but this quote is just so perfect. It fits so well into the adventure theme I've been talking about. I wish I could explain but the quote really speaks for itself. Since I can't rant on the quote, I'll talk about the movie it's from. Cemetery Junction is movie by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant that's set in the 1970's in Reading, England. (You can read the rest of the summary or watch it on netflix if you are still interested) 

Adventure is a big theme in this movie even though they stay in their home town for the majority of the movie. Julie is one of my favourite characters in this movie because she keeps saying throughout the whole film that she wants to take pictures of things all over the world. Now I don't want to be a photographer or anything but I (and lots of other people) can relate to her character in so many ways. She wants to see the world and take it as it comes to her. So yeah, it's a pretty big deal. Not only is the movie written perfectly, but since it's based in the 70's the fashion is AMAZING, and some of the guys are total babes, too.

Not only is Julie an amazing, adventurous character, but all of her clothing throughout the whole movie is impeccable! She wears some of the best scooter dresses and skirts and blouses and jackets and shoes(You get the point.) 
and last but not least my favourite character, Bruce. can anyone say Babe-raham Lincoln?
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If you aren't convinced that this movie is perfect just go watch the trailer.

Have you ever wanted to take a journey through time and space and just never got around to it? Well now you don't have to! (there's an app for that. well actually, there probably is...I don't know.) The Mighty Boosh is a british comedy show (they also had live shows) that was around in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The main characters are Vince Noir (who's a gorgeous fashionista) and Howard Moon (who really likes jazz music) and they just get caught in the weirdest situations- whether it's working at a zoo, working at an antique store, or meeting a scaly man fish. The visuals in the show are so amazing! It's so artsy and it feels like a surreal fantasy world (but really it's just England with a twist). Umm, I don't really know what else to say about it besides that I highly recommend it and it's a favourite of mine. 

The Mighty Boosh
from a live show (from left to right: Bollo, Vince, Howard, Naboo)
The Mighty Boosh
Naboo the Shaman (who's in most episodes)
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In other news, I just saw The Amazing Spider-Man and it was SO GOOD. I read the comics so it was really important to me that is was accurate, and Andrew Garfield is such a cutie, and it was so perfect. Okay WOW, I'm talking about a lot of modern-ish things, so I'm going to leave you all with some things I thrifted today and a continuation of my dollar store antics. 

Okay before I get to the pictures the wonderful L.M. Strange took, I want you all to know that where we are in the pictures are at my house. I live in the country and we own 20 acres of land and it's gorgeous and an adventure within itself.

This is probably my favourite picture out of the whole set. It's got that whole girl gang sort of vibe to it and I'm loving it.

Another one of my favourites


 Oh yeah we grow weed at my house. (I AM KIDDING THESE ARE ACTUALLY WEEDS NOT MARIJUANA. And it's illegal and smells bad anyways)

So my driveway is right next to a bridge for a creek and I swear it's so damn beautiful under the bridge. It's seriously breath-taking

these last three were photoshopped by L.M. and I love what she did to them ♥
I felt like the best way to sum up this post was with The Beatles. Enjoy.