Jul 1, 2012

Choose your own adventure Pt.1

Okay so I decided to stick with my adventure themed idea, and I guess I'll do as many posts as I want (until someone complains, and besides it'll probably be 3 or 4 posts in total). In the next couple of weeks I'll be posting about films, music, television, photography(which my friend, Damon actually took some pictures with me the other day in the forest near my house), or inspirational (not those cheesy posters either. Even though those cats are really cute, and that quote is sort of really true) things involving adventures.

And when I say adventures I don't necessarily mean Bridge to Terabithia. Adventures can really happen anywhere- even in your background or town. An adventure just means that one person or a group of people are discovering something new and they're out of their known element. And I think that is really cool and fascinating, which is why I'm talking about it so much. Since this is the first part of my adventure series (sounds official) I wanted to make it a slew of everything adventure-y, because it makes me happy. 

Choose Your Own Adventure #45 You Are A Shark (1985) CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE
(photos can be found here and here)
It's sad to say that I don't own any Choose Your Own Adventure books, but they are so amazing (especially if you need to kill a summer day). They aren't as easy to find nowadays, but they're normally at thrift stores and used book stores (I have no idea what section they'd be in. Kids/Activity books probably) If you ever have the chance to read one- you really should. You won't regret it (unless you're a miserable person who hates everything). These books are also really great if you there's NOTHING to do where you live.

Speaking of thinking there's NOTHING to do where you live- I'm here to help. Have you ever read something that goes along the lines of "Bored? Entertain yourself!" and you read the article and there's nothing you can do on the list because you live in the middle of nowhere (Which is my situation, but I manage just fine most of the time)? Believe it or not there are a lot of things to keep yourself busy when there's nothing around you. Sure, your favourite band probably isn't coming to your town, and there's probably not a lot of good local businesses (thrift stores, restaurants, etc), and hardly no free-lance artists/musicians. So I whipped up a list of the TOP FIVE THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE (or you can see "nowhere" from where you live) P.S. there's no particular order for everything on this list. It's up to you which one if your favourite.

  1. WATCH MOVIES. If you live in a very small/boring town you can fill your time with SO many good movies. Personally, my favourites are usually the classics from the good old days (well these days aren't too shabby either). Neflix is a beautiful thing if you can spare around $8 a month to watch AS MUCH AS MOVIES AS YOU WANT. If you don't want to get Netflix, a lot of video stores have been closing and selling their movies for dirt cheap. There's also Redbox's, but I honestly don't know if they're any good. Believe it or not, but Youtube still has a lot of good films/television shows. A lot of them have been taking down, but they've missed quite a few so you can get lucky sometimes. Thrift stores also sell VHS's and DVD's for normally a dollar (or 50 cents!!).
  2. Research. If you have a computer (which obviously you do because you're reading this) researching can be so much fun, AND an adventure all in it's own. (If you don't have access to a computer very often, libraries are also good no matter how small/boring your town is) Most of the things I like now was discovered by my personal researching out of pure curiosity. Normally if you like one thing, you can find a bunch of other things involved with it and things that have been inspired by other things and so on and so forth.
  3. DANCE, DANCE, DANCE. I love dancing so much, even though I'm an awful at it. Another fabulous thing about dancing is: it's exercise!! If you're uncomfortable with your body (weight), dancing is really a good way to loose weight. It's super good for your body (physically AND mentally), and if you find the right music, you can do it for hours. And don't feel embarrassed when you dance alone. You want to know why? Because no one is watching you, so if you mess up no one besides you will never know.
  4. Crafts. If you can get your hands on a hot glue gun (and glue sticks), fake flowers, sequins, sewing needles (and thread), little plastic knick knacks, candles, and whatever else you can think of (there's TONS more that I could list, but I feel like I don't need to). Crafts are so much fun to do, because anyone can do them. There's lots of DIYs all over the internet to look through and yeah I love crafts. I do them all the time. (I'll start posting up pictures of some stuff I did one day)
  5. And last but not least, go on an adventure. Now I don't mean go out into your town and get lost and draw out a detailed maps and talk to strangers. Yeah you don't have to do that. There's tons of adventures that you can have just around your house. You could look in the attic (or basement) and see what weird things are lurking about (and if there's noting interesting: make them interesting. besides, why not right?), you could also look for old photo albums (because vintage photos are so much fun to look at), and yeah adventures are everywhere and they are fabulous.
While I'm on the subject of adventures a few friends and myself had an adventure of our own. We dressed in all black- funeral-esque clothing and went to the Dollar Store (to see how people would react and we needed stuff). Most of the pictures were taken by my good friend L.M. Strange and Marcella helped take some as well.

We were all in black, we were looking at the devil's food cookies and
we bought candles. People avoided us. (hail satan- not really okay.
Unless you listen to Led Zeppelin but that's different)

Our wonderful photographer, L.M. 

When I went through these pictures I stumbled upon this. (A surprise from L.M.)

The prettiest picture of someone holding a box of tampons. ever.

what a snazzy hat.
We got what we needed and more! When we went to the register the man said nothing to us (besides the money due) and wouldn't even look at us. He probably thought we were witches or something. Oh I love where I live. Don't worry, I'm finally done! I'd say some witty words about this playlist I made, but really the title says it all.
The Wanderer - Dion
Gotta Get Up - Harry Nilsson
What To Do? - The Rolling Stones
Petrol Pump Assistant - Fat Mattress
Don't Bring Me Down - E.L.O
Come Go With Me - The Del-Vikings
Kooks - David Bowie
Nothing In This World - The Kinks

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