Nov 30, 2014

"I turned myself to face me"

Howdy cool cats! 
Overall my Thanksgiving break was really great, but WAY TOO short! I don't know if it was just me, but I had so much stuff and so many people I wanted to see, and it felt like I didn't even accomplish anything at all. If you haven't already noticed, I have a new blog layout and I got a hair cut (which was naturally inspired by Andie from Pretty in Pink)! Honestly, I was terrified to do this, but I'm really glad I did. Since this semester was so blah for me, I've been constantly craving change. I cleaned out my entire closet in an effort for a fresh feeling, too. I know I've changed a lot this semester, and even grown quite a bit, too. I just hope things start picking up for me, ya know? I had a great thrift day so maybe that's the start of things starting to seem better... but who know? And besides, I only have A WEEK AND A HALF left of university life! 

Side note: Speaking of change, I realized I've only had about 50 posts thus far this year, compared to nearly 80 from last year. I don't feel bad about this drastic change at all. It was just one of those things where it made me realize, "Wow, I really have changed."
Thrifted sweater, Vintage/DIY'd fringe dress
Target(?) knee high socks, vintage shoes from Yoko Vintagegifted Fourth of July clip-ons
So the other day I had a Houston date with my dad since I have been home for Thanksgiving break. It was so much fun and so relaxing. Basically, a day like this was long overdue for the both of us. And don't get me wrong, I love the Austin area near my university, but nothing will ever be as satisfying and comfortable as Houston. 

Below is just a few photos that I've found really inspiring lately, and I hope y'all do, too!
Dream girl from Fancy Fine // Anna-Maria Nemetz and Ehren Dorsey by Greta Ilieva for Bullett
More is More from Helibells

I'm almost 100% sure I've posted this song on here before, but I swear it never gets old and it's never irrelevant. Good job, David Bowie. (Also the title for this post is a lyric from this song)
I will end with this angsty selfie I took in the Honors college the other day.
How have you all been???

Nov 19, 2014

the future is stupid

Greetings fellow babes! 
As you can already tell, I've dyed my hair, and now I feel like a mix between a grandmother and a winter queen. Originally I had changed my hair color for a play I was supposed to be in, but it got canceled... which is sad, yes, but at the same time it's one less thing to worry about. On the bright side, I conveniently have been wanting this hair color for a while, so it all works out for the best. 
The only other new thing is that I have withdrawn from next semester of college. I did this for many reasons, but the biggest was due to not being happy here. I consider myself a smart cookie, but not in the academic realm. I have an extremely hard time studying, writing essays, etc, and I just need a break from it. Next semester I will be home with my family, and my plan goes something like this:
In a way this kind of turned into early New Years resolutions, but I really needed to make a list for myself. After next semester I'm not sure what I'm going to do- whether I go back to college or film school or whatever, but I'm trying my very hardest not to worry too much. The best thing I can do right now is take one step at a time. This semester was full of me worrying about the future, and made me forget to live in the moment of things. I don't know what's ahead of me. All I know is that I am going to make the best of every moment from here on out. (Luckily I have less than a full month of classes left, too!)

Anyways, on a lighter note: it's finally cooled off! The last week was surprisingly super cold, but as of now, the weather is beyond perfect. As I said in a recent post, I've been in a fashion rut lately, and due to this nice weather I can feel myself finally reaching the end of the yoga-pant-tunnel (she says as she types in sweatpants). When I get home I'm going to go through my entire closet and get rid of a lot of things, and start fresh. I'm beginning to think maybe I was stuck in a rut, because I've worn everything so many times... or maybe I find comfort in yoga pants? Overall, I think it's totally okay to take a break from fashion every now and then, but I promise I'm not going to make a habit of it!
Lazy Oaf hat, Nordstrom scarf 
Forever21 skirt, vintage tights, Doc Marten boots
JCPenny sweater, old leather jacket, vintage belt

Nov 12, 2014

Everything sucks, and it's a beautiful day!

Hello all! I hope everything is going well for all you cool cats. As for me, things are... well, everything sucks, and it's a beautiful day (okay, not everything sucks but it's close enough). Some of you may already know this is my first semester in college. Wow, that's so crazy to think, isn't it? I'm not exactly sure how to word this whole post, but basically college is nothing what I expected it to be. Now, I didn't expect crazy parties and all that fun stuff, because I'm not really into that scene. I expected intellectual conversations, chances to make a difference and feel liberated, meet lots of new interesting friends, etc. That being said, I have met a few people who are really amazing, and I know I'll be friends with them for a long time. But other than that college is very... blah. I'm leaving the university life and concentrating on getting a job, learning how to drive, and getting my basic classes out of the way at a community college.

I basically do the same exact thing everyday: force myself to wake up, get on the bus, go to class, eat at a dining hall, try not to cry in public, go to rehearsal, get on the bus, go back to my dorm, try to fall asleep at a reasonable time- which usually turns into me watching television for a good three hours, and repeat. Don't get me wrong, I love structure, but I have a really hard time with the exact same thing everyday. Sometimes I get lucky and something new happens, but for the most part it's all the same. I need adventure!!! I'm doing my absolute best to stay positive, but this semester has not been an easy one.

On the bright side, the one thing that truly makes me happy right now is writing scripts and acting- which I have been trying to do as much of as physically possible. And I will hopefully be making a film next semester when I'm home! In the back of my mind I have always kind of known I wanted a career in film, and lately it is becoming more and more apparent. My only issue now is to decide: film or fashion? Luckily, the two tie into each other a lot, and I think it'll be apparent which is the one for me when opportunities pop up- if that makes any sense. I would honestly like to dabble in both, though. Making me pick between fashion or film is like saying: pick your favorite child. Ya know?

Okay, on to a lighter subject! I've gathered a slew of inspiration to share with you lovely people. *Kinds of off subject: Is it just me or is 2014's fall fashion trends the best thing ever???
Princess from Blk Brd is seriously adorable in every way possible, and she is, by far, my favorite customer ever! I can't wait to get back into the festival scene so I can see her again. // Bell's Fashion is seriously one of my biggest obsessions as of lately. Everything she wears is totally flawless and the perfect amount of color and prints. (and those pompom shoes!! *hearts for eyes emoji*)
Ellie is so flawless, but who doesn't know that? 
Kayla Hadlington's blog is another favorite of mine. In short she would be Dionne and Cher's BFF.
from tumblr // How PERFECT is that hair color in the Apia photo?! I've been aching for something new with my hair, and that color is just what I need.
This is very much me lately.
images from tumblr

Time to warm up!

It finally feels like Winter! Which is one of those amazing, but awful because it's cold and windy but also Christmas-y feeling at the same time. Any who, in honor of the temperature change, here's a lil' thing from Oasap~

 The material: 45% wool, 55% polyester wool blen
      Detail: Exquisitely made, Draping Cutting, boucle surface, open front design, slim fit, simple but classic. comfy and cozy.
      Suitable occasion: casual , day time.

Casual: Pair it with solid blouse, a pair of skin-tight jeans and sneakers or ankle boots would be perfect outfit for everyday occasion.
Edgy and punk: Layered it with solid mini dress, patterned leggings or tights and classic ankle boots then you’re ready to toughen it up.
Office look: Team up with solid top, a bodice pencil skirt, and high-heels would create a stylish-look.
The over-sized coat comes in draping cut, easy but classic. This deep grey tweed coat crafted in worsted wool keeps out the cold perfectly, classic oversized lapels and draping cut design bring out your feminine inside, perfect with a sweater dress, tights, and boots. Go get heated.