Mar 29, 2015


Hello, children of the corn!
Oh boy, has it been a while. Quite a bit has happened the past few weeks. I lost my job (the boutique closed down), I got a job at Lush (!!!!), and I just finished my drivers ed course. Which essentially means I'll be getting my license very soon! Believe it or not, it's actually a really big deal for me, because I hate being in cars or around other cars so much due to my anxiety. I don't like driving at all, but it's just something I've come to terms with that I have to do. 

Other than that, I haven't been up to much- therefore I haven't been dressing up lately. It's been very static, but I'm moving on to bigger and better things!
daizy lemonade choker
ladybug blouse
forever21 shorts
target socks
thrifted doc martens

Mar 7, 2015

tiny dancer

Hello children of the universe!
I would like to start off by saying this is my 200th post. It's so crazy to think I've made so many posts, tbh. I'm usually really good about starting stuff, but not keeping up with it. So the fact that I still update at least twice a month is kind of a miracle. Other than that, there's nothing new with me. I have a job interview tomorrow, and let's hope it goes well!

A little side note, I decided to name this post Tiny Dancer, because of the film, Almost Famous. I felt like my outfit today was very reminiscent of the character, Sapphire.
thrifted jacket
vintage hat
forever21 necklace
forever21 blouse
forever21 bell bottoms
charlotte russe booties
rings either thrifted or a gift

Below is a small moodboard of a few things that I've been really digging lately. And I hope you dig them, too!
Coach shoes  // Carolines Mode
Girl Gang / Tumblr
Girl Gang / Style Bubble / Thunder & Threads
Style Bubble / The Clothes Horse

Mar 1, 2015

tired of waiting

Salutations, babes!
I've been very tired lately. I hate living a routine, and it feels like nothing exciting is happening. Don't get me wrong, life is what you make it, but I can't be positive all the time. It's really hard to be positive when you're static. Maybe that's my problem... I'm greatly considering to pick up jogging in the mornings. Hopefully that will help me get out of this funk. I'm just tired of waiting (for moving and film school tbh)
vintage clip on earrings
thrifted topshop cropped sweater 
vintage blouse
forever21 necklace
forever21 jeans
thrifted aldo boots
thrifted bracelets
ANYWAYS, I feel like I should care more about NYFW (and LFW and basically every fashion week) than I actually do. Don't get me wrong, I always drool over all the amazing, unique pieces that hit the runway every season. But does anyone else find it so overwhelming? There are so many designers and such little time! And on top of that, I'm only hurting myself, because, let's face it, I can't afford any of the wearable art or anything that comes remotely close to it. I don't mean to be a negative Nancy about this, but is it frustrating for anyone else? Maybe I'm so grumpy about Fashion Week, because deep down I just want to drool over everything IRL. I would love to be able to attend at least one event in New York City for Fashion Week once in my lifetime. I don't know if it will ever even happen, but I feel like it's a nice (slight-realistic) long-term goal.

all photos above can be found here

All this being said, I do want to talk about one designer that is really, really important to me. DI$COUNT UNIVER$E is basically everything I've ever wanted in clothing and more. Although I don't own a lot of pieces, sequins are my absolute favorite thing to add to an outfit. Don't get me wrong, vintage clothing will always be the top dog in my heart, but oh man, DI$COUNT knows what they are doing, let me tell ya.
 I think the reason why I love them so much is the fact that I have never seen anything else like it. I'm trying to branch out (even more, I suppose) into a very unique, eclectic look for myself. Besides attending film school and moving out, it looks like it is my year's goal I have set for myself. At the same time, I have to tone it down for work. Luckily, I'm grateful enough to have a job where I can still flaunt my personal style, it's just in a different way than what I would wear to a lunch date with pals or a concert (aka get dressed up and chill around the house, but you know what I mean). It's as if there are two separate versions of me when it comes to my style nowadays. There's work/business Tessa who wears midi pencil skirts, stiletto heels, and blazers. Then, there's full peacock Tessa who sports funky patterns, mismatch ensembles, and bright colors.
Here's my favorite video of Betsey Johnson that I've been meaning to share with y'all! Whenever I feel uninspired I always watch this, and feel so much better about myself.

P.S. I applied for a sales position at LUSH cosmetics so please cross your lovely fingers for me!!

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