Sep 8, 2013

nothing to get hung about, strawberry fields forever

Everything vintage or thrifted (surprise) besides the hairband: walgreens, sunglasses: Halloween store
Unfortunately I'm without an actual camera right now, so I'll have to make due with my phone camera. So this post is kind of a mash-up of my week from my phone. I'm really stoked, because fall is coming QUICK. The weather in Texas doesn't show it, but the fashion trends, Halloween decorations going on sale, and the vibes I've been digging from other babes' blogs. I'm currently re-reading the Virgin Suicides, and I forgot how beautiful it is written. Although the story is rather depressing, Eugenides uses such eloquent words it makes you forget the depression the Lisbon girls are going through. To me, it's the perfect ~fall vibes~ book, because although it's written so beautifully, there's still a solemn feel to it. I've always felt sort of solemn or more introvert during fall, and I think it's because everything is suddenly changing. Not only the weather, but people, academic things, and a million other things I'm forgetting.

top: vintage, jacket: kohl's (a million years ago), necklace: Kohl's, pins: misc. gifts, Etsy, Pulp Girls, Michaels, and idek, skirt: JCPenny, belt: gift/vintage, socks: Kohl's, shoes: Payless/DIY

The other day my mom and I went to a festival in a neighboring town and also met a few friends. We only went to see our favorite Beatles tribute band, The Fab 5, but we ended up running into one of her friends, Dana, who sells vintage clothing out of a trailer! All and all it was a fabulous evening, and I ended up getting a super cute dress (see first photo in post). Unfortunately it was really humid and rainy throughout the day, but everything else made it up.

Dana is probably one of the coolest babes I've met in a long time! Her shop is called A Hippy Heart Vintage, and it's truly some of the coolest vintage pieces I've ever laid eyes on. Naturally I wanted to buy EVERYTHING, but I could only get one thing. I decided on this 1960's lounge dress, and I seriously want to live in it. You can dress it up with a belt and sweater OR USE IT AS SLEEPWEAR. This is definitely my new favorite dress without a doubt. And most importantly it's in really good shape (there's one little flaw, but it just needs a little love and care aka a needle and thread)!! 

L.M. and her man
Sarah Jones —  Camilla, 1998
The Virgin Suicides (via tumblr)
Luckily I just got my camera back so I'll be having another post up this week! I got a bunch of cute new things, and I can't wait to share it with you cool cats~


  1. omg that dress is so gorgeous! and all your other pictures as well <3

  2. That dress is really lovely! I wish there were vintage shops here like that so I could buy a few things :)

  3. tessa, you look so cool! i love that you posted things from virgin suicides <3

  4. I'm in love with the dress that you bought!

  5. That dress is perfection! I love it!


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