Sep 1, 2013

dear mr. vernon...

This past week was my first week back to school, and believe it or not- it wasn't too bad. Cass has been hanging out for the long weekend, and we both had the idea of a back-to-school-solemn-fall-vibes photo shoot. Unfortunately it was WAY TOO HOT to take any photos outside, but we made do with what we had. Hopefully we will take the planned photos when it cools off (if it ever does). Any who I hope everyone has had a good time getting back to school, and I hope it stays that way! That's what always concerns me most- is the school year going to be this great all year? Probably not, but it's time to make the best of it. I plan on making a difference at my school this year, and I just hope I don't get shut down, and people stand behind me (dress code and bullying is the biggest issue that needs a resolution at my school). Below I have a few inspo photos that represent tiredness, teenagers, etc. and also my latest playlist @The Pulp Zine! (all photos from tumblr unless stated otherwise)
{title quote from the Breakfast Club}

check out my angsty back to school playlist @thepulpzine!


  1. Love this photoshoot. Your outfit is incredible, I really adore your style! :)

  2. the photos you took are wonderful <3

  3. I love these photos <3 I'm so glad school is going well for you, and I have confidence that you will be able to make a huge difference at your school! Good luck this year! :) Oh! how did auditions go for your school play?

    1. Auditions went really well! I find out if I got casted on Wednesday!! <3

  4. Great pictures! Majorly swooning over your outfit. I was just listening to your playlist on tpz and it's perfect!

  5. I especially love the first photograph; the way it's set and what you are wearing is super cool. I wish I could do interesting photoshots like this!

  6. i'm so in love with U and your posts! <3

  7. I wish I dressed as cool as u when I was at school!

  8. My spouse and i particularly enjoy the initial photo; just how it is collection as well as what you are putting on is actually out of this world. If only I could perform exciting photoshots this way!
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  9. Ohmygod I really love every single thing you wore!


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