Sep 15, 2013

it's not called intermission

~outfit details~
flower crown: DIY, necklace: gift, shirt: 6dollarshirts, shorts: thrifted, shoes: vintage
Friday I went to a football game at my school, and it was actually really fun (I mean I didn't really watch the game, but still). Before the game the theatre gang had a tailgating party, and ate lots of food, played corn-hole, Frisbee, and multiple other American classics. I haven't been outdoors for such a long period of time in a long time, and the heat was the only thing that really sucked, because it was super humid and just gross. On the bright side, you can feel the seasons changing (it's changing REALLY slow, but it's still changing), and I'm just so excited for fall and winter this year. Unfortunately, nothing much has really happened to me this week, because of school, but I have a couple of posts lined up (that are over-due anyways). I wanted to post them sooner, but when I get home from school I am soooo exhausted. My goal is to have one post a day for the next three or four days (let's just hope I actually do it). Less about me, how has all you cool cats' weeks been?

a playlist by Cass that has the perfect ~fall vibes~

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  1. your school looks really cute! (hehe i just really like it because there's no room for the perks of being a wallflower-type football games in manhattan :) )


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