Sep 16, 2013

lipstick & diamonds & champagne & rock&roll

blouse: vintage, dress: sister's, Twin Peaks pin: the Pulp Girls, necklace: gift, leggings: DSW, shoes: DSW
I've recently got the app to keep myself entertained during school, and it's been ruining my life. All of the Ready-To-Wear collections from NYFW are avaliable to view, and I can't find words to describe my love for some of these designers. My two favorites this year is Betsey Johnson and Libertine, because they stuck out the most to me. If I had all the money in the world these would be the two collections I'd spend it on. Since I don't have all of the money in the world (awww) I've made due with Betsey's clearance items at JCPenny and DSW. The leggings I'm wearing above are hers, and they were the last ones left, in my size, AND ONLY $7! 
title from Betsey's ROCK AND ROLL tee
I was so surprised when I first saw Betsey's new collection. For the first time it was all about the clothing. When I say that I mean she didn't have any models using champagne bottles as weights or anything like that. At first I was saddened by that factor, but then I started listening to the music she chose. Yet again I was surprised by Queen Betsey, because she choice music from the Pretty in Pink soundtrack! Although there were no theatrics in her show, I was so pleased with her new designs (especially the tulle dresses!), silver lipstick, pink wigs, and silver plated "BETSEY" necklaces. Once again Betsey Johnson has outdone herself.

I found this collection accidentally, and I am in awe. I've never heard of this designer, but I can't even began to describe my love for this collection. It's so funky with all of the embellishments (that look like cute rub-on tattoos), phrases, and cohesive eye make-up. I found it interesting that all of the hairstyles were very simple, but it really brought the looks together, and made them perfect. All of the looks are waiting to be worn at a punk rock ball hosted by Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, and the Ramones. I would do anything to get my hands on one of the embellished jackets and capes I'm not even kidding. There's just enough pa-zazz on everything to where it's tacky, but in a good way.

Hope everyone has had a fabulous Monday!


  1. cute shoes! and oh, i love so much...:)

  2. tessa, this dress&leggings rock!! cool mix of patterns~
    i've seen these collections, they're awesome <3 pop culture inspirations are so interesting.

  3. is so addictive! I did work experience at a jewelry manufacturer and I spent most of the week researching new trends on the website-so fun! I love your hair btw! xx

  4. everyone hates donna but shes one of my fav characters ugh babe


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