Dec 31, 2014

Goodbye and Good Riddance!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!
It's not quite next year yet over here, but it already is in some places (and there is no way I can make it to midnight, because I'm exhausted). I hope everyone had an amazing and safe night. I don't know about you cool cats, but 2014 was not so great for me- actually it really sucked (for the most part). But out with the old, in with the new! That being said, I am so excited for 2015!! I'm really scared, because there is so much change I'm still getting used to. But I am more than ready for what lies ahead in this new year. Above is the only photo I got of my outfit today, due to the fact that I worked all day. But I honestly can't complain, because I love my job. It's just a bummer, because I had such a great outfit (with teal palazzo pants!!)... That just means I'll have to wear it again, right? Besides, I do not fear being an outfit repeater.

For my last post of 2014, I decided to do something a little bit different. I've collected one photo from each month this past year. Some are favorite outfits, some memories associated with the original post, etc. It was really tough to choose, but I hope you all enjoy! This blog has grown so much this year, and it's going to grow even more this up coming year!
January I discovered the singer, Natalia Kills. Although I don't listen to her music that much anymore, I am still so in love with her sense of style and bad ass vibes. I honestly don't remember a lot from February. But I do remember this amazing outfit! I feel like it might need to make a comeback.
March was pretty chill. (Yup, that's it.)
 April was so great, because of Easter! Usually I do something semi-boring with family, but this year I got to spend it with friends. I honestly think about this memory a lot, and I really miss that day. This month is also important, because for the first time in almost four years I changed my hair! 
  May AKA I graduated high school!! I also dyed my hair a copper-ish color and had my first taste of technicolor hair dye. Can it get any better than that??? June was weird. I don't remember much from this month (except Europe), but working a lot.
 So, um, Europe!! I technically went in June, but made the post about the glorious adventure in July. So you know, why not?! This was such an amazing experience, and I still can't believe I went! I honestly cannot wait to go back either- ESPECIALLY France.
Pink hair! College! Oh my August, was crazy! This month was so emotional for me on so many levels.
September was really hard.  I had to grow up a lot since I was living on my own. I was really depressed that month and most of my days were filled with panic attacks, bad diets, and long naps. I can't remember for sure, but I think it was around the end of this month when I realized college was not for me. At least right now in my life. 
 October wasn't very good either, but I discovered I make one hell of a Beetlejuice! November was really weird. To sum it up, I never cleaned and I ended up sleeping on old ramen noodles for almost an entire week (this was not intentional by the way). December! Where did it even go??? I swear, this month flew by so quick. Just yesterday I sat thinking, "How is this month already over?" In a nutshell, things are starting to look brighter!
Okay, this year I have decided to not make any New Years resolutions. This is due to many reasons, but the main reason is quite simple: I think it's really stupid to have resolutions for yourself for a whole year. Really and truly, everyone should have resolutions for themselves everyday. I'm sick of not pushing myself to my full potential, and it stops here. 2015 here I come!

Dec 29, 2014

hair crazy

Hey, dudes!
I hope everyone is having a relaxing week. Besides it's the last one of 2014! My week has consisted (so far) of working, watching Breaking Bad, and getting ready to re-launch my etsy shop! That's right, I'm finally putting The Mad Mod Shop back on the internet. I'm coming at it with a totally new angle, and I'm very, very excited to say the least. Look forward to some amazing vintage pieces and unique handmade accessories!!!
In other news, it's finally cold outside! It's one of those things where I'm really excited about it, because I love layering everything, but at the same time I hate it because I get cold so easily (and I end up wearing 3 sweaters and a parka. very fashion backwards instead of forwards, hah). Either way, I'll take the cold over nasty, humid weather over any day.
old kohls cheetah coat
urban outfitters/diy crop top (use to be a dress)
langford market necklace
langford market skirt
sister's boots
So I've been dye-ing to do something new with my hair. Ever since I cut it and dyed it pink I have gotten easily bored with it... like most things nowadays if we're being honest here. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do, but I'm really leaning towards something peachy or sea green. For the cut, I have no idea what I want, but I want something new! I think it's becoming tradition that I make a drastic change for the new year. *insert winky face emoji*
all photos can be found here

Hope you all are doing well!!!

Dec 25, 2014

all i want is everything

 Merry Christmas, babes!
I hope everyone had an amazing day whether or not they celebrate this holiday. I also hope you enjoy my sad attempt of a ~Christmas-y~ background as well. In my head it looked a lot better, but after I hung it up I knew I was already in too deep. Somehow I still kinda like it so it wasn't a total waste of time. Overall I had a really nice day. I saw a bunch of family and friends that I hadn't seen in a long time and spent the rest of the day with my parents and sister. It's just so weird, because it felt so different this year. I don't know how to explain it, but it just wasn't the same. I got some really nice gifts from everyone, and I'm just really grateful I have some amazing people in my life. There's not a lot in my life right now, so the important one's really mean a lot to me.
A present from my dad. As some of you might already know I'm kind of really obsessed with Nasty Gal (I just wish I could afford it, ahaha). That being said, I'm super stoked to start reading it!
The other gift from my dad, which I'm still totally shocked about! I've been drooling over these boots for a few months, and now that they are mine I can die peacefully. Just make sure to bury me in these boots! 
crown: DIY
scarf: old
jacket: old
shirt: Charming Charlie
skirt: Forever21
tights: Old Navy
boots: ASOS

Dec 24, 2014

a very sunny christmas (eve)

Happy Holidays, everyone!
And Merry Christmas Eve to the people who celebrate it! This holiday season has been pretty odd compared to others in the past for me this year. It's not really that cold outside (but it's nice), I'm not going to a huge shindig with all my family on Christmas day, and I don't know... it just doesn't feel like Christmas. I was talking to my sister about this, and she pointed out that we said the same thing last year. Maybe as I get older, the holidays aren't as blissful as they were for me as a kid. I don't love Christmas any less, but now that I'm working and trying my absolute hardest to save money and everything I guess I have less time to truly enjoy this season. I keep hoping it's going to snow on Christmas and everything will feel right and happy, but I know it's super unlikely since we haven't even had our first freeze yet. It's all good though!
All vintage/borrowed outfit
 I've been spending most of my free time watching Christmas specials. Until this year I didn't realize how many specials I love to watch! Some of my must-watch favs are:

-Pee Wee's Christmas Special
-"A Very Sunny Christmas" (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia S.6 E.13)
-"Can't Fix Crazy" (Orange Is the New Black S.1 E.13)
-A Nightmare Before Christmas
-Batman Begins
-Love Actually
-Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

What's you babes' favorite holiday films? Or do you have any weird family traditions?

Dec 18, 2014

sophisticated 12 year old

Whaddup, radical dudes?
I'm going through this weird phase where I want to be sophisticated, but a 12 year old at the same time. Now, I don't find anything wrong with this, it's just a bit frustrating. All I know I am frustrated with my wardrobe, and I'm aching for new clothing and just all around change. The only reason why I haven't achieved this new wardrobe or whatever is mainly due to money. It's not even that I'm sick of my entire wardrobe! I'm not even sure what I'm tired of anymore. The only thing I am sure of is that I need change or I'm going to explode. On the bright side, I'm beginning to learn how to drive and on top of that I got the job at Langford Market! So although it is taking it's gosh darn time, change is coming and I feel like it's finally for the best.
DIY pompom crown
vintage sweater
old pantyhose
Forever21 booties
~A slew of vibes I've been feeling lately (from my tumblr archive)~
So who is excited for the holidays??? This has always been my favorite time of year ever since I can remember. The cold weather that makes you want to cuddle my dog every waking hour (even though it's been almost 80 degrees this month...), the hot chocolate, the ridiculous holiday tv movies, and oh my gosh I could literally go on forever! The only thing I really wish was that there was at least one holiday party I was invited to. This is mainly because I want an excuse to dress up in a glamorous get-up and sip bubbly champagne while listening to catchy Christmas jingles. 

What's y'alls favorite part about the holidays? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Dec 14, 2014

salad days

What's up, fellow humans!
Today I had so much fun being a part of Pop Shop Houston's last Mini Pops event of the year. The whole day was filled with warm weather, cool dudes, good jams, and amazing stuff for sale. As usual, I had vintage clothing and handicrafts for sale- and to my surprise everything was a big hit today! Which is amazing on soooo many levels. But now I have to force myself not to buy anything no matter how much I might need it (I don't need it, but I do). 
Oh my gosh, you guys... Christmas is almost here!!!!! Althought it's been a nasty, humid 70 degrees lately, I am so so so pumped for the holidays. I literally love everything about them, and I feel like I'm going to explode (in a good way) just thinking about it.
On a side note, I had an interview at Langford Market so fingers crossed that I get the job. I find out tomorrow! Also, I am finally home from college. So that means I will be posting more on here, expanding the Mad Mod Shop, and much more good things! Not going to lie, I'm going to miss a lot of amazing things about the college life I experienced, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices sometimes. It's totally okay to put yourself before other people (as long as you don't make a habit of it)!
DIY headband
thrifted Top Shop crop top
thrifted mom jeans
gifted belt
Old Navy necklace
Kate Spade, Betsey Johnson, & thrifted bracelets
The perfect playlist to jam out to for literally everything (and also going through this post hehehe).
photography by Damon Fullington & Cass Tooke