Mar 16, 2014

a heavily perfumed man

Last Thursday I went to go see Wes Anderson's new film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Overall it was visually stunning, cleverly written, and extremely stressful (in a good way). I was only disappointed because after the film ended I was still hungry for more. Even though it was almost two hours long I felt like it should've been longer... Okay back to the things I liked! Out of all the quirky, well-dressed characters I was most fascinated with Tilda Swinton as Madame D. It's funny, because I've never liked Tilda Swinton as an actress, but there was something so unique about Madame D. It's hard to explain, but she was just so wonderful. I was also super impressed with Adrien Brody as the antagonist, Dmitri. I've never seen Brody play a bad guy and oh mylanta~ he was absolutely amazing! Of course, Ralph Fiennes as M. Gustave was freakin' flawless as well as Jason Schwartzman as M. Jean. Thanks to this movie I'm pretty sure Willem Dafoe has no real teeth. But in all honestly, this movie was really great and I've been listening to the soundtrack all week~
Below are some outtakes from mine and Georgia's collaboration on The Pulp Zine that went up tonight. The photos were taken by the lovely L.M. Strange
By the way I'll be pretty busy so I can't promise any posts this week, but I'm going to do my absolute best to update! My theatre competition is next week so I have a lot of extra rehearsals this week. There's only a couple hours left of Spring Break and then 11 more weeks of school! Everyone is saying "two months left!" but I feel like 11 weeks sounds a lot less than two months...maybe that's just me though. Just thinking about graduating makes me so happy and nervous and gives me butterflies in my tummy. I'm going to have to get a summer job which sort of blows, but I'm going to start applying and hopefully I'll be able to work at a clothing store. I WANT to work at Urban Outfitters, but you have to be 18 (and my birthday is at the end of Summer...). Anwayssssssss-
What do you cool cats have planned for Spring Break? (or what did you already do) For me Spring Break was a week long of "#notinvited," working at the antique mall, hanging out with my mom and friends, and seeing a lot of good films!


  1. I really liked Tilda Swinton in Moonrise Kingdom! Or I just thought her hair was perfect haha
    can't wait to see this when it comes to Australia (we have to wait forever for things)
    your pics for TPZ look amazing too <3 <3

  2. I haven't seen a Wes Anderson film, but I know he's definitely one to turn out a movie with beautiful details! Good luck with your competition, it's so exciting that school is almost over. Stressful as well though!

  3. Ah i'm fairly sure that doesn't come out until mid April here. I will definitely have to see it nonetheless!


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