Mar 11, 2014

a wes anderson character waiting to happen

I don't say it enough on here, but I really love what I do. My business, The Mad Mod Shop, is so much fun and has become pretty successful and it hasn't even been a year yet (it will in June)! It's Spring Break for me right now, so I've been working almost every day at the antique mall, Conroe Central Market. Partly because I love working there and also because most of my friends are too busy having fun with my other friends without me. But whatever, I got my vintage clothing business (insert hairflip emoji)~ Any-who the photos below are from today while some friends visited me and it was just a slow day so I had time to photograph a lot of things I've been meaning to. 
 I don't know if I've mentioned the awkwardness of my booth's location...The building it's in used to be a JCPenny in the 1970s, so naturally I picked the old dressing room as my spot (free clothing racks woohoo!). My dad and I struggled to think of the perfect idea of getting the crowd inside, but we finally decided on this totally bitchin' marquee light we found on Etsy.
 I'm currently having a $5.00 everything over $12 sale! I made the sign out of an old record sleeve and cut-outs from a vintage LIFE magazine.
 The $5 clothing trunk I always bring to Pop Shops has finally made it to my booth!
 I just sold that butterfly clock (that was my great-grandmothers') today to a friend!
 Today I dressed as if I was a Wes Anderson character. In the back of mind I always like to think I'm living in one of his nostalgic stories!
beret: gift, dress: Reply on 19th, belt: Forever21, strawberry purse: Buffalo Exchange, tights: Forever21
 If you're asking yourself, "Is that a Bill Murray necklace???" You are 100% correct! Cass got it for me for Christmas and it's basically the best thing EVER.
 The moment I have $325 I am buying this bobcat.
 Most of these items are my boss' but that beautiful glass dome/globe thing is mine! It's super cool and rotates at the same speed the actual Earth does. It's basically a time machine (no really it's a clock though).
 One of our newest vendors sells BEAUTIFUL stones and gems (and I want to buy them all).
The lovely LM Strange and Marcie came to visit and brought me lunch today!
From now on I plan on keeping you lovely readers up to date with my shop and the festivals I do, because it's soooo much fun! I'm in the middle of creating new things for my Etsy shop and all I can say right now is that it involves yarn pom poms! I'm super excited to finish my craft project and I hope you guys love it as much as I do~
Hope everyone is having a super, fantastic, safe week!


  1. This is amazing! The town I live in has a disastrously low number of good vintage stores, and this just makes me even more envious! It looks amazing and ahhhh I can't describe to you how cool this is. I send the best of luck to your business, and happy almost anniversary! P.S. (love the outfit, wes anderson is by far my favourite director and I think you really captured his aura. CAN'T WAIT FOR GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL.)

  2. Congrats to having a successful and super-fantastic business! ♥ As always, you don the cutest outfits, and I totally wish I didn't live in another state because I see some dresses from your shop that I would love to try on—like that pink one with the lace!

  3. Your shop is so sweet! I'm basically crying over those white roller skates, they're gorgeous :) My mum's starting a vintage housewears trailer, and your shop reminds me of the feel of the room she's currently keeping her stock in. You look so fab! and ultra wes anderson-y :)

  4. Wow! The place where you work looks like a dream. Your both is amazing and that light up sign is so fab! I can't tell you how much I want to go through all those gorgeous vintage dresses you have up for sale. Wishing I could visit the area!

  5. Your shop is adorable (so are you!)
    P for Pearl

  6. Your job looks like heaven, it must be so much fun working there! So wish I could come, that earth thing is awesome too! xo

  7. I love your aesthetic home gurl!

  8. I am so pleased to have just discovered your blog, I have this red beret, you love Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel, you sound like a fellow Wes Anderson fan! Love love love your outfits and Ellie's blog, I love, she goes to school with one of my best friends, if you get a chance, my blog is

    1. Aw shucks, you are too sweet! I'll have to check out your blog~


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