Jun 26, 2012

Let's do the Twist

On Saturday I went to Replay on 19th, and it was so busy! I couldn't believe how many people could fit in that store. (And the gay pride parade was going on, so there was a lot of people everywhere in Houston) But when I walked into Replay I felt like I was in a completely different time. They have so many vintage things from all eras. Records, clothing, jewelry, hats, suitcases, purses, bowling bags, home decor, old photos, Elvis memorabilia, and I could seriously go on. Plus all the people who work there are so amazing and they always greet me with big smiles and yeah they're great. Since it was Saturday there was this fabulous musician there who does the best one-man Beatles covers on keyboards/microphone (they have live music every second or third saturday [i can't remember which!] every month). Oh! I also found some really neat stuff when I was there:
'Robby' Robber and the Hi-Jackers TWIST record. It's the best dance record I've ever heard, AND on the back of the record is a How to dance THE TWIST instructions (above). "First get the feet of the heat of the music, and twist your hips with a swivel-like motion. Never stop twisting throughout the whole dance."

The front/back of a patent leather purse from the late '50s. I saw it from across the shop and  I've always loved box purses so I immediately fell in love with it.

I've been looking for plastic clips EVERYWHERE!! I was so happy to find these gems.

I actually didn't find this dress at Replay, but at this store down the street called Retropolis (which is pretty amazing, too). I love this dress so much, I don't know how to describe it. Plus I went to see Moonrise Kingdom (twice) this week (which was absolutely perfect!) and this dressed screamed Suzy Bishop- who is the most fashionable 12 year old ever. Speaking of Moonrise Kingdom, I'm thinking about doing a few themed posts based off of Adventures, because that movie inspired me so much! Gosh, Wes Anderson is such a genius- I plan on watching all of his films by the end of summer (I've seen Fantastic Mr Fox, The Royal Tennanbaums, Rushmore and of course Moonrise Kingdom).

In other news, my sister went to Europe and because she loves me she brought me back my favourite things!!! The biggest deal was the bottle of Ribena (which is this black currant juice you mix with water) that she brought back. I was amazed that security let her, but it's because they knew I needed it and I can never find it anywhere. She also got me a miniture tea pot, a Carnaby Street (which was so hip and fabulous and perfect in the 1960s) sign, a tin of loose black tea, a Rolling Stones pin, and a paper pop-up model of London.

Okay I have nothing else to talk about in this post so I will leave you wonderful people with one of my favourite songs! Enjoy and go be dandy and go for a walk or something.

Jun 21, 2012


shirt: vintage, shorts: thrifted, socks: Kohl's (the only thing they're good for), shoes: thrifted
Aren't the wires/plugs pretty on the floor?

I don't know why, but lately I've been obsessed with flowers. Just in the past two weeks I've made (another) flower crown, bought bobby pins with different sorts of flowers on them, found this amazing (see above) top and a vintage floral table cloth at Value Village. Gosh, I'm just on a roll! Anyways on saturday I'm going to my favourite vintage shop in Houston (Replay on the 19th st.) so hopefully I'll find even more flower print (fingers crossed). Also, I got a haircut- which I haven't gotten one since last year. I'm still getting used to the length because I got five inches cut off (wow that's a lot of hair now that i think about it). But now I can finally do "the flip" 1960's hair style. Woohoo!

The 1960's Czechoslovakian film Sedmikr├ísky (also known as Daisies- a lot easier to say, too). It's a little odd, but that's why I love it. An artsy movie, is a good movie (normally). In a nutshell the movie is about these two girls who are tired of hating everything so they decide to be "bad." In their case, bad means go out with older men so they can buy you the best dinners in the world, dance obnoxiously in fancy bars, and break men's hearts- and that's just to name a few.

The guys from Freaks and Geeks!! Which is probably one of the best shows on the planet. It's the kind of show where you look at all the characters and you know someone just like them. The main character, Lindsey Weir, is the best main female character in a television show. Nearly everything she goes through in high school is so relatable.   From being pressured into doing drugs to having a boyfriend. While everything is happening in the show the music selection is just perfect (The Who, Led Zeppelin, etc).

 Don't worry I'm almost done! The last picture I'm going to talk about is this one of Miss Twiggy Lawson. I can't remember how I found out about her, but I fell in love with her clothing, make-up, and well, just everything. She's just a doll!

^Van Gogh^
sources: tumblr (flowers tag)
Now here's some tunes that are perfect when it comes to flowers and daydreaming and whatever else. 

Daydream - The Wallace Collection
If You're Going To San Francisco - Scott Mckenzie
Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles
I'm Only Dreaming - The Small Faces
Flowers On The Wall - The Statler Brothers
Dead Flowers - The Rolling Stones
Life's A Gas - T.Rex
Blue, Red, and Grey - The Who

Jun 17, 2012

The Land of Enchantment

So I'm finally back from New Mexico! The state is called the Land of Enchantment, but by that it means there's hardly anything to do and if you want an interesting place to go to you have to drive around for hours around the small town to find anything. I had a good time, but I'm really glad to be home. Though Los Cruces is a very homely town, I managed to find a few really cool places that was worth the trip. And on my way home today security asked to check my hair to make sure nothing was in it. (If you curious my hair looked like this) So that was fun! But here's all the pictures I promised. (all of them are taken by me and I'm not good at taking pictures at all- so sorry in advance!)