Jun 9, 2012

Let it be Summer

So it's been summer break for about two and a half weeks and it FINALLY feels like summer! The first two weeks I had the summertime blues because I hadn't done anything. Annnd I had the biggest creative fart in a long time (you know, when you can't think of anything crafty to do). This week I painted my suitcase and I also DIY'd a pair of shoes (thanks to this wonderful glitter shoes tutorial). The Beach Boys concert last night was beyond perfect, and in a matter of days I'm off to New Mexico! Which means I won't be posting anything for about a week (awww), but that's okay- I'll take pictures~

Summer means FREEDOM! You don't have to worry about school or the people at school (even better!). So all there pictures are like a visual plan of my summer this year. I plan on dancing, shopping at thrift stores, going to the beach (and act like I'm in a Frankie Avalon movie), listen to LOTS of records, sewing projects, shop at some more thrift stores, drink lots of tea, go to the movies, and the most important "Be optimistic" (Oh, by the way I don't own any of these photos. I don't have the sources because they've been sitting in my pictures folder. I promise I'll get better at citing the sources!)
 Have a fabulous week everyone!

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