Jan 26, 2015

i miss being a tree, big bitch, and other filth

 Hey, you crazy kids!
The past two days have been so busy and so much fun! My sister and I went up to Austin to see Jack White perform. I've always really loved his music, but I also kind of dislike him (?). My new nickname for him is big bitch. It's mainly because he's so pretentious when he it comes to his music. If I went into full detail why I would literally ramble on forever (or at least like 2000 words). I just realized I have a very strong love/hate relationship with that man, and I've accepted it. But overall, it was well worth it, because he played so many of my favorite songs (even White Stripes!!!!), and he is an AMAZING performer, as well as all the other musicians on stage with him and the opening band, Chicano Batman. I feel like this definitely won't be the last I see him live. Also, the crowd was really chill, which is a huge deal for me because I get very overwhelmed in crowds... so yay!
 The squad post-pizza snacking.
We waited on this really nice bridge for about 3 hours in the cold to see Jack.
Besides seeing the big bitch* in concert, we spent our time finding great places to eat and shopping. We met up with some amazing friends before the concert. Then the next day we went to a bookstore on Soco, and I found 3 screenplays by John Waters (my real dad) all in one book!!! I'm so thrilled to start reading it! It was super cute, because when I checked out the cashier told me it was perfect I was buying this book, because I look like a John Waters character. How perfect is that?! I almost tried tears of joy. The last place we went to was Buffalo Exchange, which, as usual, was amazing! I got a handful of really amazing pieces (including a pin button that says "housework is a bitch"), and I will be sure to post some pictures of them later this week.

*I mean this in the most loving way I promise (lol).
thrifted/diy jacket
some dept. store in germany sunglasses
charming charlie top
langford market necklace
vintage pants
buffalo exchange shoes
This was at Spider House cafe. They literally have the best drinks and sandwiches on the planet. My favorite being the dirty horchata (aka horchata with espresso).

How are y'all doing? Leave a comment below telling me what you did this weekend! ♥

Jan 17, 2015

you cut me off mid-funk

Bonjour, dudes!
It's finally warmed up a bit, and it was actually almost too warm to wear my leather jacket! Other than that, I'm just up to my usual business~ Hope all is well with you cuties!
handmade earrings by moi
old leather jacket
thrifted/gifted/vintage pins
vintage mom jeans
vintage belt

Jan 16, 2015

orange you glad, connie marble?

Greetings, cool cats!
As you can see, I've changed my hair yet again! Honestly, I was so torn between what to do, but I saw this color in a magazine and automatically knew that this was the one. The best part is that it makes me feel like Connie Marble or a John Waters character that was deleted from Pink Flamingos. Anywho, nothing much is new with me. I'm just trying to figure out lots of things, because it seems as if everything around me is completely changing. But like most things, nothing lasts forever, so it's not the end of the world.

vintage hat
leopard lounge glasses
vintage pearl necklace
swiss flamingo necklace
thrifted sweater
forever21 tights
nasty gal heels

the perfect playlist for this month's vibes

Jan 14, 2015

two tone

Hey, hey, hey!
It has been SO COLD this month, and I'm already over it. But on the bright side, it gives me a lot of ideas for layering and whatnot, so it's not all bad. I've been playing around with new ways to do my makeup, because the same old eyeliner can be boring sometimes. That being said, I've started to do a two-tone lipstick look, and I'm kind of in love with it! 
As of lately, I've been trying out eBay vs. Etsy to see if there's a difference in traffic. So far it's about the same, but fingers crossed one or the other or both do really well! I will also being doing some pop shop events in the months to come. Overall, I feel like 2015 will be the best year yet for The Mad Mod Shop!
Other than that, I've been piddling on the internet watching Netflix and various other videos (I'm so in love with this John Waters' preview for Kiddie Flamingos), and working. I'm trying really hard right now not to spend money, but like always it's easy to say and extremely difficult to actually do. So far, so good! But I am in dire need of thrifting or going to garage sales. Can you believe I haven't done either in a few months??? How am I still alive!?
great grandma's blouse
urban outfitters turtle neck
milk + honey vintage dress (worn as a kimono)
forever21 jeans
vintage gloves
charlotte russe booties
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Jan 13, 2015


Hey, cool cats!
It's been too long! It's been a whole year! Okay, not really, but you know I had to pull a joke like that. Last week I had my wisdom teeth removed, so I have been recovering ever since (and am still not fully healed *frown emoji*). That being said, this was the first actual outfit I wore since my surgery. I feel like it's a lot different than what I usually do, but in a good way. Absolutely nothing is new with me, besides the fact that I now have four less teeth in my mouth, and I'm disappointed with the Golden Globes (except Michael Keaton!!!!), but I just wanted you all to know I'm still alive! And will be posting regularly again soon.
sheinside top
faux fur gift
vintage belt
forever21 skirt
target tights
target shoes