Jan 10, 2013

school's out forever


First off, Happy New Years! Unfortunately school has in session again, but just a few more months and I'm free!! (then i get to return in august, ~~~yay~~~) On the bright side, whenever school starts back up I get really into the old high school vibes. Even though I'm mad at John Hughes for lying about high school, I still feel like I'm in my own ~John Hughes~ film or even a John Waters one. I don't know what it is, but I have this thing where I witness a lot of odd moments and sometimes they even happen to me. In a way it keeps high school interesting and bearable, but on the other hand: it makes me want to stay home and blog where it's safe. And doesn't everyone hate that tired feeling you get when you come home? I mean, you SIT all day long and it tires you out...I don't understand. I didn't include all of my favorite high school vibes, but I tried to include my top 6. If any of you cool cats want to know the other high school vibes I'm into click here. Above is Heathers, Cry Baby, Twin Peaks (just got into, and I LOVE it!), Hairspray (original), Pretty In Pink, and Freaks and Geeks. 

whatever - gnarls barkley save me - queen rock 'n' roll high school - the ramones stupid girl - the rolling stones my generation - the who high school hellcats - james intveld  all dressed up for school - the beach boys fairfax rag - harry nilsson rock star - hole i'm a loser - marianne faithfull 
fake friends - joan jett and the blackhearts i'm bored - the bonzo dog band
  another brick in the wall, part 2 - pink floyd

these pictures were taken foreeeeevvvvveeeerrr ago, but my lovely pal, Cass, took these photos of moi. If you couldn't tell already it's a Wanda Woodward (Cry Baby) inspired thing going down here in funky town. okay wow, moving on (i need some sleep, hello world) jacket: sister's, top: vintage, pants: forever21, socks: target??, shoes: urban outfitters

this was from a few days ago, and this was a very c.1970's look based off of Millie (Freaks and Geeks). clip: grocery store, collarshirt: thrifted, Garth (Wayne's World) pin: diy, sweater: vintage, pants: vintage, shoes: old navy
alright, this is my femme-version of Duckie (Pretty In Pink) hat: gift, jacket: sister's, collarshirt: vintage, samuel l. jackson shirt: 6dollarshirts, skirt: vintage, tights: kohls???, shoes: urban outfitters

Oh wow, this post turned out to be super long. I hope all you cats enjoyed this, because it's one of my favorite I've done so far. I'd like to take this time to say thank you to all of my new followers! I really appreciate it, guys. ~you rock~ 

p.s. "sinceriously" is a jeffery dallas thing
p.p.s. i redecorated the blog, what do you guys think??


  1. i love your pants!!! and your hat! and the font of the blog (i use arvo for headings) and the colors and the heathers-ness and twin peaks-ness and pretty in pink-ness and freaks and geeks-ness

    and i should really learn how to write more eloquent comments...


  2. I'm pretty sure you put everything I have ever loved into one post and made it super pretty. HAIRSPRAY (favoritest movie ever) AND TWIN PEAKS AND PRETTY IN PINK AND HEATHERS AND ALL OF THIS UGGGGHHHHHH YES. And you look soooooo FIERCE as Wanda Woodward, and so cute as Millie and so RAD as femme-Duckie. <3 <3

    1. Also, I nominated you for the Liebster award!! xoxox


  3. All these outfits are perfect! And all those movies/shows I love too! I really like that skirt in the last outfit btw

  4. God those pants! They're like everything I want in vintage pants, but can never seem to find in my size grrr. The sam jackson shirt is yes.

  5. Wowowowowowowow! Those outfits are so cool, I really like the last one, your hat is pretty awesome. Also, pretty in pink, I watched that last night and now I really want to dress like duckie:) ahhhhhh, to be finished school, too bad I have about a billion days to gooooooo.
    Ps: your blog looks really cool, I like the background

  6. This is the greatest post in the history of blog posts. Love love love everything!!! Twin Peaks, Heathers, the outfits, etc. OMG I LOVE IT! Your blog is definitely one of my favorites and this is why! :)

    Keep posting great stuff! :D




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