Jan 21, 2013

flower in the sun

hat: gift, jacket: mom's, necklace: etsy, top: goodwill, skort: vintage, tights: vintage, shoes: gift

I'm starting to accept Texas winter weather. It's not hot, but it's not cold- so it is perfect! I've been taking advantage of the weather by wearing all of my favorite tights as much as possible. These flower ones are BY FAR my favorite tights ever!! I got them at PamelaMurphyVintage's Etsy shop, and she has a lot of other really fantastic vintage pieces, too. Today I went to the mall and it was a painful experience, because I wanted to buy everything in Forever21, Urban Outfitters, and Victoria Secret's PINK store (yes I love that store leave me alone). I've accepted my fate, but when I get a job there will be no holding back. In other news I've finished all of the episodes of Twin Peaks. It's a sad day, but the last episode is driving me crazy!!! Now I'm going to catch up on Portlandia and continue watching Arrested Development. Tell me, what are some great shows I'm missing out on?



  1. WOW!! those tights are so cool.

  2. I'm sorry your outfit is really cute and all, but that Matt Smith poster is giving me LIFE! Just had to get that out the way...
    Err Have you seen Pushing Daisies, League of Gentlemen (you'll get used to the canned laughter), Psychoville, Breaking Bad, United States of Tara, The Mary Tyler Moore Show (because 70s), Shameless (I like both versions, but see the UK one first), Garth Marenghi's Darkplace or Ugly Betty.
    ^I know this is kinda all over the place, I'm sure there are other cool shoes I just can't think of 'em?

  3. The tights, quite possibly are the best thing ever, and the Doctor who poster is quite fabulous, also.

  4. Just found your blog and I'm loving it : )
    Did you make the Get It Girl badge? It's lovely!



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