Jan 20, 2013

heroic weather conditions

bow: ?? dress: buffalo exchange, sweater: forever21, bracelets: thrifted, tights: ???, shoes: forever21

Bach, Tchaikovsky, Chopin busts: garage sale, journal pages, 1950's grocery store, Rushmore, Archie comic, 1950's valentine card, unknown, carnaby street shop c. 1960's, at replay on 19th, my great grandmother, the best room in the world, my reaction to the best room in the world by Ben Giles, Lana Del Rey for Prada, Wes Anderson film palette, Francoise Hardy (12), unknown, journal page

Lately I've been getting into all dark clothing pieces with a splash of color or vice versa. I really love pastel blue or pink with a hint of bright red. It's just a nice contrast, am I right? Unfortunately it's still not cold in Texas, but it's nice. In honor of the fact that it never snows in Texas where I decided to write a song (x). Did you know that the Moonrise Kingdom soundtrack is really fantastic? Well know you do. Below is a hodge-podge of Alexandre Desplat (composer who does the Heroic Weather- Conditions pieces) and other songs I felt fit in. Enjoy! 


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