Jan 14, 2013

what's in the box?!

what i'm i even doing in these pictures
make-up is obviously only for squares (i would've put some on but you know how it is at five in the morning)

aww yeah my tv necklace flashes when you press the button (and it also makes a really terrifying poltergeist-worthy noise)
headband: miracle eye, necklace: etsy, dress: vintage, sweater: forever 21, rings (from left to right): craft show, gift, grandmother's, grandmother's, another one of gram's, vintage, ebay, shoes: forever 21
I really want to wear this outfit everyday for the rest of my life. It's very unconventional for me, but I really really like it (and it's extremely comfortable). I wore this when I went to a friend's house and saw the Hobbit (which I was sadly disappointed, but I won't get into to that. not here, not now). On a random note: I'm going to try and grow my nails out. I honestly don't think I'll make it past a week, but we'll see~ Also I looooooved the Golden Globes last night! GO QUENTIN TARANTINO AND CHRISTOPH WALTZ AND ADELE AND EVERYONE (except you les mis). Don't worry guys, one day Leonardo DiCaprio will get his award. Thanks to the awards last night I really want to see the HBO series Girls. I've heard about it before and it caught my interest...
Anywho, the other day my lovely aunt gave me a buuuuunch of her and my great aunt's stuff! Including Bugs Bunny sneakers, a lot of 45 records, belts, ascots, tops, detachable collars, and gloves!
soooo many good 45s!! Elton John, Sammy Davis Jr, Paul McCartney, Doobie Brothers, and so so so many more
 this furry mess is the best sweater ever, your argument is invalid
 this belt was my great aunt's and it's from the early 1950's. i seriously feel like elizabeth taylor owned this
my great aunt's gloves from the fifties *cries*
She wanted to give all this stuff to goodwill, but don't worry I saved it ♡ By the way, I'm sorry for not posting that much lately, I've been swamped with school. Oh, I forgot to add this in so this is an EDIT to this post. I've been digging certain songs lately so take a listen if you'd like~

(my life story)

Love always,


  1. This is so rad! I'm so glad you saved all that stuff from the clutches of Goodwill. Loving your outfit & that fur sweater! <33

  2. I cant believe your cardi is from forever 21, it looks so vintage. I'm digging the fifties look. Oh and I love your white shirt. It's so glam. It reminds me of miss sparky from the gtos

  3. This is awesome!! All that stuff from your great aunt, wow! I love the collars, they are so pretty. Also, wicked wick outfit, I like our dress and necklace.

  4. Love the outfit! Those rings are gorgeous! And I'm so jealous
    of everything you got: those sneakers and that hat! <3

  5. i love the outfit! it's sort of like julia roberts in pretty woman when she's at the horse race/polo game thing?


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