Jan 17, 2013

the owls are not what they seem

sweater: vintage, pin: bat bridge in austin, tx, top: vintage, skirt: vintage, tights: ???, shoes: forever21

This is going to be a quick post, because I have so much stuff to do! I've been starting to fill out scholarships and looking at college because the faster I get out of high school the better. I wanted to share this outfit with you lovely people, because I based it off of the marvelous Lucy Moran (Twin Peaks). By the way, I look tired in the pictures above, because I am tired. Good news!! I got a part in the UIL One Act (competition) play at my school!!!! I play Lady Bellaston who tries to get with Tom Jones, but Tom rejects her so she says he ravishes her and demands he is hung- I cannot wait!! I just sussed up this playlist that has ~twin peaks vibes~ so enjoy.

Yours Truly, 
rumor has it - adele (dr. jacoby) 
light my fire - the doors ("fire walk with me" bob & mike)
  trouble - cat stevens (laura palmer)
 evil woman - e.l.o. (blackie) 
who's gonna save my soul? - gnarls barkley (catherine) 
fever - the cramps (audrey horne)
  rockin' in rhythm - duke ellington and his orchestra (leland palmer) 
tell it like is it - aaron neville (albert rosenfield) 
one more cup of coffee - the white stripes (dale cooper)


  1. I love your hair! And good luck with those scholarships :)

  2. The ruffles on that shirt are gorgeous!
    And that hairstyle looks so cute on you :)


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