May 30, 2014

First Ever Giveaway!! Woohoo!

Woah, I know, second post of the day??? Something special must be brewing...and that something special is my first ever giveaway on this blog! Unfortunately due to lack of funds this giveaway is only for US residents, but hopefully I'll have enough money next time to do an international one. This giveaway will start tonight at 10:30pm and ends June 10th at 3:00pm! To make everything easy I used Rafflecopter, and below are photos of what you can win. 
The winner will receive...
- 5 pins made by yours truly (Miley Cyrus, Ziggy Stardust, Daenerys, "Babe", "Nope" *I have many other face pins such as Jesse Pinkman, Beevis&Butthead, etc. so if you'd rather have one of those let me know!)
-a custom flower crown (ANYTHING GOES)
-a Banana Republic skirt (size 0 but it fits more like a medium/large)
-an upcycled denim vest by yours truly (the winner will also get to pick whatever phrase they want for me to paint on the back)
-a slew of surprises (including a poem about ur fav celebrity)

REMEMBER: to comment below with your favorite joke and e-mail address so if you win I can contact you!!! Good luck to you all!
*NOTE: the giveaway starts at 10:30pm tonight

it's only rock n roll

 Mom's hat  thrifted shirt  thrifted shorts  Kohl's knee socks  gifted shoes  
WOAH TOMORROW I AM GRADUATING. Okay, as you guys already know, I'm super pumped. Alright, onto bigger and better things: which is a lot. First off, I saw Maleficent with my mom and grandma today, and WOW GO SEE IT RIGHT NOW. It was really amazing, and I hope one day I'm a bad bitch like Angelina Jolie, alright. I also had sushi for lunch, and have a gluten free pizza waiting for me in the fridge. Overall, today was really amazing. Plus I discovered the wonders of Pac-Sun (pictured below). 
I've started drawing and writing again. I always feel like a poop head when I don't do either or, and I'm glad I'm making myself do it again. I'm really into colored with markers, cutting out shapes, drawing people, and song lyrics right now. I just hope I stick with it this time (and I plan on keeping a journal when I go to Europe next month)! The last journal page I did yesterday, because during Senior sign-out day at my school I realized who my real friends are. While I was standing in the scorching humidity, I realized I was a "convenient" friend to most of the people I used to call my friends (which means whenever they have nothing else to do they call me). It's sad and shocking to realize this, but I'd rather have a small group of really great friends than a large group of acquaintances. Now the real world is beginning for me...
 Cheetah skirt from Urban Outfitters, vintage lace jacket, pineapple hat from Forever21, and guess who won Best Dressed at their school this year??? Haha, that's right: me! I'd like to thank my haters, my parents, and John Waters for such a lovely award.
 Striped overalls (for my Beetlejuice costume for Comic Con) from Forever21, Lazy Oaf beanie from Urban Outfitters, eye necklace from Pac-Sun, the most amazing sunglasses EVER from Pac-Sun.
 Aztec print high waisted pants, sunflower shorts, crop top, and bras all from Pac-Sun.
The most adorable, best present ever from Cass!
My favorite graduation card from my Aunt and Uncle.
Stick around because there will be one more post tonight!!!

May 27, 2014

freaking out the neighborhood

♥ handmade flower crown ♥ vintage blouse ♥ UO crop top ♥ Forever21 necklace ♥ UO skirt ♥ thrifted Doc Martens 
I can't believe I'm finally typing this, but I am finally done with high school. No more tedious, bull shit work about sentence structure, no more dip puddles in the hall, and did I mention: NO MORE HIGH SCHOOL!!! It's super surreal, but definitely one of the best feelings ever. I'm so scared for the future (mainly the money part), but I am so freakin' ready. Ugh, I have no other words to describe my happiness, because I'm still in shock. Okay, less about my happy gushing. Lately I have been SUPER inspired by pastel colors, the 1950s, idgaf attitudes, cute couples, and of course, flowers. Below are my some photos I've been referencing a lot lately for outfit inspiration. I have also decided this summer I want to make a lot of clothing for myself (because I'm in love with so many designer clothes but what is money)! So hopefully I'll stick to that goal, and make some bitchin' pieces in the next few months.

May 25, 2014

no one likes seeing other people win awards

 ♥ vintage/upcycled dress ♥ vintage brooch ♥ vintage belt ♥ Costume store socks ♥ Golden Ponies chelsea boots 
So the other night was senior awards night. It was so fun seeing a bunch of people I hate get full ride scholarships plus an extra $30,000. *cue sarcasm* On the bright side, I got a $500 scholarship from the I guess it's better than nothing (even though in the college world 500 is virtually nothing). Besides that there hasn't been anything new with me. Same old feeling at the pit of my stomach, because I am SO READY to get out of high school. (LESS THAN ONE WEEK LEFT) I'm very excited, because I've almost got 300 likes on my Facebook page AND my dad and I have agreed amongst each other that we want to start specializing in 50s & 60s goods rather than odds and ends from all eras (unless it's something really special). When summer starts we plan on going on more picks in rural areas a bit closer to Austin (AKA where all da good stuff is at). The only other new thing I have to share is my current favorite blog to read! ColeyKitsch is this super, amazing blog that contains all of my current inspiration in one spot! Below is just a sneak of what amazing photos she holds within her URL.
 ultimate hair goals
Totally off topic but, I'm really happy with my new tumblr theme!

Leave a comment below sharing your current fav blogs and tell me how you've been lately! (PS once I graduate I will have WAYYY more time to post on this blog)

May 21, 2014

just shut up and enjoy this

 Things have been crazy lately! I've been scrambling trying to study for finals, taking care of last minute senior stuff (I graduated in less than TWO WEEKS!!!), working my butt off at Old Navy & the antique mall, and much more. Luckily I got to take a break from the stress overload by joining some of my theatre company and directors in Austin to watch the OAP UIL State plays. In a nutshell, most of the plays were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good, and I fall in love with cute actors way too easily. When we weren't watching plays we were enjoying the city. My favorite part (besides the 16 plays we watched) was chilling at Graffitti Park. I always see photos of the place, and have passed it a million times, so I jumped at the opportunity to go! The park is so magical and dreamy and makes me feel like I'm in a real-life cartoon (woah oxymoron much?). 
 If you couldn't tell from the first picture, I have dyed my hair! It's now a copper color with hot pink ends AKA MY DREAM HAIR! (I am so grateful any colored hair is allowed at work.)
My new life motto.
We also went hiking! The weather was absolutely perfect, and it is surprisingly very comfortable to wear jellies while hiking. This trip just reminded me how excited I am to move to San Marcos (which is a half hour away from Austin) for college. But this trip has left my sense of time out of whack. I keep thinking today is Sunday. Then I keep getting excited for a new episode of Mad Men, but then I remember it's Wednesday... Don't you hate when that happens?!