May 21, 2014

just shut up and enjoy this

 Things have been crazy lately! I've been scrambling trying to study for finals, taking care of last minute senior stuff (I graduated in less than TWO WEEKS!!!), working my butt off at Old Navy & the antique mall, and much more. Luckily I got to take a break from the stress overload by joining some of my theatre company and directors in Austin to watch the OAP UIL State plays. In a nutshell, most of the plays were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good, and I fall in love with cute actors way too easily. When we weren't watching plays we were enjoying the city. My favorite part (besides the 16 plays we watched) was chilling at Graffitti Park. I always see photos of the place, and have passed it a million times, so I jumped at the opportunity to go! The park is so magical and dreamy and makes me feel like I'm in a real-life cartoon (woah oxymoron much?). 
 If you couldn't tell from the first picture, I have dyed my hair! It's now a copper color with hot pink ends AKA MY DREAM HAIR! (I am so grateful any colored hair is allowed at work.)
My new life motto.
We also went hiking! The weather was absolutely perfect, and it is surprisingly very comfortable to wear jellies while hiking. This trip just reminded me how excited I am to move to San Marcos (which is a half hour away from Austin) for college. But this trip has left my sense of time out of whack. I keep thinking today is Sunday. Then I keep getting excited for a new episode of Mad Men, but then I remember it's Wednesday... Don't you hate when that happens?!


  1. I love this! you are the definition of rad. like seriously. coolest gal ever <3

    1. Omg, thank you so much, dude! <3 ___ <3


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