May 30, 2014

it's only rock n roll

 Mom's hat  thrifted shirt  thrifted shorts  Kohl's knee socks  gifted shoes  
WOAH TOMORROW I AM GRADUATING. Okay, as you guys already know, I'm super pumped. Alright, onto bigger and better things: which is a lot. First off, I saw Maleficent with my mom and grandma today, and WOW GO SEE IT RIGHT NOW. It was really amazing, and I hope one day I'm a bad bitch like Angelina Jolie, alright. I also had sushi for lunch, and have a gluten free pizza waiting for me in the fridge. Overall, today was really amazing. Plus I discovered the wonders of Pac-Sun (pictured below). 
I've started drawing and writing again. I always feel like a poop head when I don't do either or, and I'm glad I'm making myself do it again. I'm really into colored with markers, cutting out shapes, drawing people, and song lyrics right now. I just hope I stick with it this time (and I plan on keeping a journal when I go to Europe next month)! The last journal page I did yesterday, because during Senior sign-out day at my school I realized who my real friends are. While I was standing in the scorching humidity, I realized I was a "convenient" friend to most of the people I used to call my friends (which means whenever they have nothing else to do they call me). It's sad and shocking to realize this, but I'd rather have a small group of really great friends than a large group of acquaintances. Now the real world is beginning for me...
 Cheetah skirt from Urban Outfitters, vintage lace jacket, pineapple hat from Forever21, and guess who won Best Dressed at their school this year??? Haha, that's right: me! I'd like to thank my haters, my parents, and John Waters for such a lovely award.
 Striped overalls (for my Beetlejuice costume for Comic Con) from Forever21, Lazy Oaf beanie from Urban Outfitters, eye necklace from Pac-Sun, the most amazing sunglasses EVER from Pac-Sun.
 Aztec print high waisted pants, sunflower shorts, crop top, and bras all from Pac-Sun.
The most adorable, best present ever from Cass!
My favorite graduation card from my Aunt and Uncle.
Stick around because there will be one more post tonight!!!


  1. omg your outfit is so perfect tessa- makes your hair look amazing ✿✿✿
    i've also been liberated by finishing classes (but I still have exams which suck) and want to do more stuff in my art journals and take it to a new direction and stuff
    all these photos are lovely ♡

    1. Thank you so much! Good luck on your exams :-)

  2. I really love your journal pages, they're so fun and free, I feel inspired. I've never heard of Pac-Sun before but I think those are hands down the best sunglasses I've ever seen before!

  3. CON-GRAD-ULATIONS Tessa! Wishing you the best of luck at university and sending you positives vibes in all future endeavors.

  4. I can't seal with how much I love your wardrobe, but also omg that plant, AND YOUR JOURNAL is so freaking pretty and colourful. I love seeing people's journals so much. Congrats on graduating btw!

    1. Your journal drawings actually inspired me to start using mine again. :-) Thank you!

  5. Your outfit is so cauute! Your journal is also very super pretty and your drawings are coOoOl, I like them a lot! Congrats on graduating too! I'm super jealous.


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