Apr 5, 2013

c'est la vie

Today I spent the afternoon with my good pal, Jordan, to have an early birthday celebration for her. We spent many hours at the China Buffet (which is the best buffet ever and I am proud to say I'm a regular there), Goodwill, and Hastings (the best music/movies/books/basically anything store ever). It was just really great, and I'm bummed it's over already... Anywho a little bit about my outfit:
blazer: vintage, shirt worn as collar: thrifted, dress: etsy, tights: jcpenny, socks: halloween 
store, shoes: sister's, belt: gift/vintage 
I was going for an "if I was in a John Waters/John Hughes collaboration I'd probably look like this" look. My two main inspirations were Wanda Woodward and one of my favorite bloggers, Tiffany. (and this is a warning that this post is kind of really long, because I also mention my current inspirations blahblahblah)
 there are no words to describe my love for dim sum
 at the mothership (AKA Goodwill)
photos above by jordan
one of my friends at school gave me a huge bag of STUFF and it's all so great, cry baby cd from hastings, and the most precious bunny statue in the world is from goodwill
new clothing
the best clip-on earrings EVER
~Now moving on towards the inspiration part of the post~
Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion
Slums of Beverly Hills

A Clockwork Orange, etsy
my sister and I from a long time ago
Francoise Hardy

Ben Giles, etsy
Sunday Sisters
c. 1970
The Girls of Rochefort (AKA THE BEST FILM EVER)
major shoe envy
For once I'm excited for summer, but I know I'm going to immediately regret the feeling once it hits 100 degrees. Maybe I'm excited for summer, because that means no school, new job, my dad and I are going to open up a booth in an antique mall, and I'll be filming participants for the Do Not Enter Diaries. I've been seeing so much summer vibes lately (especially from the 70s), and even though the sun will scorch my skin, I'm ready for it. Oh, and my theatre group advanced AGAIN! (my school hasn't advanced this far since '06- IT'S A BIG DEAL GUYS) As you would say in French, c'est la vie, life is good. I mean, yeah, I loathe high school and dread homework and learning algebra and physics, but it's not too bad. (side note: i'm working on a collection of high school related posts) My current music obsessions is BLEACHED. Their debut album just came out, and it's basically the best thing ever since sliced bread.
Have a good weekend!


  1. Great post!! That food looked soooo good (mainly because I spent dinner hours working and didn't have time to eat, bleh) so jealous you have such a lovely & warm hometown! Anyways, keep on bloggin'. c:

  2. Your outfit is sooo amazing, wow. Great photos!

  3. That picture of you and your sister young is so adorable! Lovely pictures and outfit, as usual! <3

  4. awesome insiration. I love your outfit so much, I saew that first photo on tumblr and it had like 70 notes already, which is pretty cool. Your hole necklace AHHHHHHH and badges!!!!!!

  5. SUUSSHII, my sister always makes dim sum. and you look just adorable and the 4th of july earrings are so cool!

  6. You sweet dumpling <3
    I love love your hair forever and always. Give it to me thx

  7. your dress is soooo perfect! alksjg can I have it? And oh Asian food is the best food there is ♥

  8. perfect post as always! Love that dress. And cry baby. cry baby is great. xx


  9. Your outfit is so cool! And looks like you got a pretty cool haul from goodwill :P

  10. so much great stuff crammed
    up in one post! you da best!


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