Apr 29, 2013

it's okay to be not okay

top: thrifted, necklace: mom's, belt: gift, pants: vintage, shoes: gift
Wow, it's been a while since I've posted anything- I apologize! I've been distracted with school (as usual), family stuff, making new things for etsy, and -drumroll- setting up my very own ANTIQUE BOOTH!!! (yes the american dream is within my holding as I type this) My dad and I have been wanting to do it forever and we just paid for the first month and the deposit. It officially opens on the 15th of May, and there are no words to describe my excitement. And don't worry, I'll keep you guys posted on how it's going and everything. Below are pictures I've taken lately. For the past couple of weeks I haven't had a spark of inspiration, but I can feel it begin to boil in my soul since I've been watching a lot of films the past few days. (BECAUSE OF TIFFANY'S AMAZING NEW FILM BLOG) So I'll be posting regularly again- I just needed a break from everything, y'know? (of course you do.)
clothing for my antique booth
letter and gifts from Anneka♡♡♡
letter and gifts from Beckaford♡♡♡
jacket: sister's (basically mine though), shirt: old navy, necklace: mom's, skirt: thrifted, boots: thrifted


  1. ah that is so cool, I'm so excited for you omg! and that outfit is to die for, I love those pants x


  2. You're so ridiculously stylish, and I love the posters in your room! your antique booth sounds like so much fun! :D


  3. Your outfits are amazing, and good luck with the booth, that sounds like so much fun!! :)

  4. Sounds cool! Love the outfits, as usual.


  5. Ah how exciting!! Your own antique booth, I'm jealous! You certainly must keep us all updated on it.
    P.S. You look fab as always.

  6. Oh wow so cool you're starting up an antique booth! I really would like to sell stuff at markets but I have a job and uni. I love your outfits by the way- those pants look really cool!

  7. Omg!! An antique booth that's so cool! Where will it be located?(This is Elyssa from the rookie meetup)Btw your blog is kind of AMAZING.If you're wondering where i found it someone commented it on the photo of you(on rookies instagram) But Yeh, Hi.

  8. your first outfit is amazing! strong and so unique!

  9. I absolutely loved the whole post, but as a nerd my eye couldn't help but wander towards the Doctor Who poster... are you a fan of Doctor Who or is it somebody elses?


    1. The Doctor Who poster is mine! I love the show, but unfortunately I haven't had the motivation to keep up with the newest season...


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