Jan 27, 2013

she comes in colors everywhere

You know what's nice? Colors. I don't mean any one in particular, I just really like colors. This might sound really dumb, but I feel like you guys will get what I'm trying to say. I just think it's really cool that there are some things that have nothing to do with each, but they end up with the same colors. Do you guys get what I'm saying? (who knew it would be this stressful to write about such a simple subject) Colors just make me happy (there, that makes sense). One of the worse questions to ask me is: "What's your favorite color?" because I really love all of them. Gosh, could you imagine living in a black and white movie? I WOULD DIE I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING.
unknown, Edie Sedgwick
Jean Shrimpton, unknown
unknown, disneyland c. 1950's
unknown, Marianne Faithfull
The Jimi Hendrix Exp., unknown
Beatles lips, Valley of the Dolls book cover (I want to read it so bad!) 
white/more neutral
Lana Del Rey, Sharon Tate
(remember that time I was going to get better at sourcing pictures? oops. 
all images from tumblr or unknown. I PROMISE i'll get better at sourcing one day)

colors - donovan, she's a rainbow - the rolling stones, marie douceur, marie colère (paint it black) - marie laforêt, little green bag - george baker selection, blue velvet - lana del rey, glow girl - the who, long red - fat mattress, technicolor - paloma faith

Also, the other day it was L.M. Strange's birthday, so she threw a party to get presents- CELEBRATE, I meant celebrate. It was a really great party, and I tried to learn how to do a cartwheel. In result I got some really great pictures and since they've got color in them I felt it appropriate to add to this post. 
the lovely L.M. demonstrating the perfect cartwheel 
i think i'm friends with fred astaire
it's not a party until the bitchface(s) come out
I'm afraid to say that I'm one of those people who like the blurry/long exposure pictures. Sorry not sorry. I really should be getting to my homework, so yeah. "That's all folks!"


Jan 25, 2013

Be cool, Honey Bunny

sources:( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, unknown)

Movie: Pulp Fiction

Year: 1994

Plot: (from IMDB, because it's so hard to describe in your own words) The lives of two mob hit men, a boxer, a gangster's wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption.

Favorite character: Vincent Vega played by John Travolta

Favorite part: basically every time Vince and Jules is on the screen (especially at Jimmy's house)

Favorite song: Out of Limits - The Marketts

Pros: Strong plot, FANTASTIC music, a dream cast, one liners ("Personality goes a long way", "Be cool, Honey Bunny", etc.), MIA WALLACE, the pocket watch scene with Christopher Walken, Quentin Tarantino's cameo, and did I mention the soundtrack?

Cons: They don't hesitate in the language department, but if you get used to it quickly (and it'd be weird without the swearing), and SPOILER ALERT: if you aren't prepared to see a very scary moment between a cop and a big black man, then we might have a problem

Rank: 10 out of 10 because it's one of the most original movies ever made.

Jan 21, 2013

flower in the sun

hat: gift, jacket: mom's, necklace: etsy, top: goodwill, skort: vintage, tights: vintage, shoes: gift

I'm starting to accept Texas winter weather. It's not hot, but it's not cold- so it is perfect! I've been taking advantage of the weather by wearing all of my favorite tights as much as possible. These flower ones are BY FAR my favorite tights ever!! I got them at PamelaMurphyVintage's Etsy shop, and she has a lot of other really fantastic vintage pieces, too. Today I went to the mall and it was a painful experience, because I wanted to buy everything in Forever21, Urban Outfitters, and Victoria Secret's PINK store (yes I love that store leave me alone). I've accepted my fate, but when I get a job there will be no holding back. In other news I've finished all of the episodes of Twin Peaks. It's a sad day, but the last episode is driving me crazy!!! Now I'm going to catch up on Portlandia and continue watching Arrested Development. Tell me, what are some great shows I'm missing out on?


Jan 20, 2013

heroic weather conditions

bow: ?? dress: buffalo exchange, sweater: forever21, bracelets: thrifted, tights: ???, shoes: forever21

Bach, Tchaikovsky, Chopin busts: garage sale, journal pages, 1950's grocery store, Rushmore, Archie comic, 1950's valentine card, unknown, carnaby street shop c. 1960's, at replay on 19th, my great grandmother, the best room in the world, my reaction to the best room in the world by Ben Giles, Lana Del Rey for Prada, Wes Anderson film palette, Francoise Hardy (12), unknown, journal page

Lately I've been getting into all dark clothing pieces with a splash of color or vice versa. I really love pastel blue or pink with a hint of bright red. It's just a nice contrast, am I right? Unfortunately it's still not cold in Texas, but it's nice. In honor of the fact that it never snows in Texas where I decided to write a song (x). Did you know that the Moonrise Kingdom soundtrack is really fantastic? Well know you do. Below is a hodge-podge of Alexandre Desplat (composer who does the Heroic Weather- Conditions pieces) and other songs I felt fit in. Enjoy!