Jun 4, 2013

Think pink

polka dot blouse: thrifted, palm tree tank: forever21, shorts: thrifted/DIY, shoes: payless
via tumblr
My new love: strawberry gelato 

SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE. (two more days for me) I've been counting down the days, but in the meantime I've been obsessing over pastel pink, ice cream, and spicy food. I don't know why, but whenever it gets hot I LOOOOOVE spicy food (although it doesn't love me, but it's worth it). The other day I ate pickled jalapeƱos like potato chips and today I had a mountain of pepperoncini peppers with cheese and lunchmeat. I also really love how the pepperoncini peppers are radiation yellow color~ On another note my first post goes up tomorrow on the Pulp Zine!!!!!!!! I am just so ecstatic to be a part of this website, because everyone is so freaking rad and cute and perfect. 


  1. Ahhh I'm forever on the hunt in thrift stores for shorts just like those! You look fab :)

  2. For some reason your shorts make me think of Jodi foster in taxi driver (really really hoping that doesn't come across badly considering she plays a 12 year old prostitute but i couldn't help but think she had a cool outfit so...)
    Also has summer not already started there?!? It was officially winter here on June 1st~
    Anyway, lovely choice of photos, almost makes me miss the warm weather!

  3. perfectly pastel pretty post! <3
    although i don't really feel summer now (it's raining this week') but i feel it coming!

  4. I love that polka dot blouse! Gorgeous pastel pictures. Isn't Summer perfect for Gelato - I'm currently eating some now - Pistachio and Tiramisu! I lovin' that picture of the little box of trinkets too.

  5. How did you become a Pulp Babe? Just curious. Cute blouse! :)

  6. You have a wonderful collection of clothes, truly lovely =)

  7. Your outfit is quite cute :) I am so ready for summer (though my wardrobe is not, really). If I were you I would wear that palm tree top evvvvery day haha. It just seems so appropriate for warm weather days.


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