Jun 27, 2013

got my hair up real big beauty queen style

sunglasses: blue velvet vintage in austin, top: vintage, shorts: vintage, socks: forever21, shoes: journey's

crown: diy, top: romwe, pants: thrifted, boots: dsw, sunglasses: ebay
jacket: forever21, necklaces: vintage/etsy, sunglasses: urban outfitters, top: it's fashion metro, skirt: buffalo exchange

crown: diy, top: sister's, skirt: thrifted, necklace: vintage

photos taken by Cass and myself
Most of this week was spent with my friend, Cass, and we spent the whole week watching movies, baking in the sun, playing in the sprinkler, and taking summer/90s/lana del rey vibe photos (the rest of the photos will probably be @The Pulp Zine in the near future!). The week gave me inspiration to start writing a script to a short film. So far the idea is two girls trying to figure out what to do with their summer and the soundtrack would consist of 1960's surf music (mainly the Ventures). The title would be SUMMER and it'd have all the cute yellow/brown hues like in seventies films. I really hope I'll get around to making it, because I'm really proud of the idea. 

On another note, I'm thinking about starting to do something with sponsors. At first it would be a free deal and we would just promote each other via blogspot. Maybe send each other something to review- I'm not quite sure yet. If anyone would like to be a part of this please leave a comment or e-mail me at surfinusa79@gmail.com!


  1. Love those flag socks!!!! Pretty rad post. One of my favorites

  2. this photos ROCK, awesome awesome!

    [weirdoland - www.pigeongray.blogspot.com]

  3. Love your hair with the sunflowers! You have a great smile :)

  4. These photos are so incredible!! <33

  5. 1st These photos are incredible.2nd You're movie idea sounds perf, I hope you get to produce it and film it and stuff.

  6. Love this whole set! I hope you get around to making your short film :)

  7. The lip print top from Romwe is divine (even if it's copying Prada!)

  8. You and your friend have the coolest style! I've always had dreams of making a short film but I've put it on the shelf for now so hopefully you'll get around to make yours. By the way that I'm extremely jealous of that ukulele, its awesome!


  9. Love your socks so much and the Mick candle is perfection. The Batman comic too



  10. Archie comics are the best and I'm kind of in love with your pigtails.

  11. you're perfect <3


  12. oh my this post is so magical! I loooove the outfits! And I really like your sunflower ponytails hihi :)
    sooooo lovely, you're inspiring me a lot, honey! <3

  13. Ahh I love this! You always have the best photo shoots :) I love absolutely everything about these pictures, especially all the flowers! AND your Uke is the CUTEST!

  14. you were born to go roadtrippin in a vw van ♥

  15. oh wow these pictures are awesome!


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