Jun 13, 2013

one million lovers to choose from

dress: thrifted, belt: forever 21, shoes: UO
Yesterday I cleaned, the day before that I cleaned, today I cleaned, but on the bright side I thrifted some super cute clothes the other day, I get to go to a fancy steak dinner (with my dad's company) tonight, and then my Grandma is coming in town to stay with us for three weeks. So I guess overall, the cleaning is worth it (no cleaning sucks no matter how you slice it). Since I've been home too much the past week I've found soooo many things to gawk over. I've made it my official summer goal to watch all the episodes of Malcolm in the Middle and to get a job (I've applied at Goodwill and Sonic so far). It's not official yet, but I'm most likely going to see Black Sabbath in concert in July. Which is AWESOME for many reasons. Reason 1: I love Black Sabbath. Reason 2: I haven't been to a concert in agessssssss. Also I need to finish writing a scholarship essay since it's due Friday...On the bright side I have finally got 200 followers and eeeeee! It brings happy tears to my eyes- thank you all for being so supportive and perfect!!
 Summer in the City from Coco Magazine
I really love the bright colors and patterns that have a hint of 1960s fashion, but still very modern. The use of different shades of blue and different flowers are really stunning.

I love how everything is a neutral palette except for the ruby heels, red prada purse, and the baby blue curtain
The Revival Outpost
the most perfect swimwear inspo i have ever seen (THE SWIM CAPS *____*)
super cute kiminchi blue dress AKA the perfect concert dress

Hattie Stewart x UO tops (1 2 3) ICE CREAM, HEARTS, CARTOON EYES. It doesn't get much better than that.
summer goals
more summer goals


  1. you look so lovely!
    and these clothes from urban outfiters are amazingly cute <3

    [btw fluorescent dinosaur in my weirdoland - www.pigeongray.blogspot.com]

  2. i love how you put together your dress with the shoes and socks! really cute! ^.^


  3. the summer in the city photo set and vivetta clothes are perfect (as are you, that is a given)


  4. Hey, Tessa! That's so cool you might get to see Black Sabbath! I also haven't been to a concert in a while (two years, ugh, I really need to go see someone in concert) They're coming to Vancouver too, but I won't get to go most likely :( Hope it's a good show though, and I hope you're enjoying summer!


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