Feb 27, 2013

teenage creep

flower crown: diy, sweater: forever21, misc. jewelry: vintage or candy, undershirt: vintage, dress: etsy, tights: forever21, socks: ???, shoes: urban outfitters

So yesterday I had a really bad day. If Murphy's Law was a human, I'm sure they'd be my best friend. I got in trouble for dress code (...I was wearing leggings...), I jammed my finger, someone tripped me in the hall (I like to think it was an accident), and that's just to name a few things. But It's all good now, because today is a new day. Luckily, today was a lot better, and I even got a strawberry milkshake. Booyah (do people still say that? Oh well, I do). Anyways, I decided to take some selfies of myself in my new dress from etsy! It's from the sixties and it's perfect. I felt very groovy in it so I decided to make a slew of songs that are groovy (or just really good). So enjoy~

Feb 25, 2013

the oscars were really good last night even though leo wasn't there

First off I have finally hit 100 followers!!! Thank you all so much, I couldn't ask for better followers. In honor of this I'm thinking about a giveaway. It'd only be within the U.S. though. Let me hear your thoughts about this! Okay, a new antique mall has opened near my house and it is sooo amazing. I've been before (when I got my docs), but they've added much more. Today I got a women's rights sign (c.1960), a Micky Mouse Club pin, a vintage Mickey Mouse Club Pin, and a 1960's Party record.
flower crown, diy, jacket: kohls clearance, sweater: thrifted, shorts: thrifted,
tights: jcpenny, doc martens: vintage
pin collection, portion of my desk
photos by LM Strange
My mom's side of the family, 1970.
 (I think my mom is the one in the pink dress and knee highs)
[Photos above from] The Pulp Girls is this amazingly groovy vintage shop/tumblr. I just discovered it a few weeks ago, and I am in love! I have yet to buy anything from them so far, but I feel a pay pal transaction in the near future...

One of my wonderful friends has told me about Kate Nash, and she is just adorable. Enjoy this song (and ah-mazing video) and have a good week!

Feb 17, 2013

a night through pictures

Last night I went with my mother and my friend, Amanda, to a party for a family friend's birthday. Little did I know it was in the raddest red barn I've ever laid eyes on. It was covered in vintage signs, furniture, pinball machines, lamps, and so many other whimsical things. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Feb 14, 2013

boys & girls

flower crown: diy, top: vintage, necklace: thrifted, pins: diy/gift, heart sports bra(seen through pink top): forever21, skirt: thrifted, tights: ??? shoes: forever21
 Ronettes valentineStella Tennant by Tim Walker | Vogue Italia, Aug. 2007
The Brady Bunch
Bettie Page (1, 2)
Lana Del Rey (from tumblr)

Happy Valentine's/Single's Awareness/VD Day! I've been in a great mood today, and almost everyone around has as well (which I'm not used to so it was a little odd, but I'm not complaining). It bums me out, because I've noticed it's trendy to hate Valentine's Day...I'm sure people have their reasons, but one of my good friends told me, "Valentine's Day isn't just for couples- it's a day to show compassion towards family and friends." Oh, an interesting thing happened today! So obviously I dress different than most angst-y teens, and I live in the country in Texas so it's even more rare for a teenager not to be wearing miss me jeans and graphic tees. I used to get teased my first two years of high school, but not so much this year. UNTIL today! I don't know what was so "offensive" about my outfit but people yelled at me in the halls today. Honestly, it's never bothered me, because it's just their opinion, and hey, at least they're thinking about me! I got many interesting comments today. My favorites were "Go home Lady Gaga!" and "What a fucking freak..." I don't see how their lives improve by bringing other people down...oh well! The spirit of Valentine's Day returned when people were yelling at me in the hall, and this stranger said, "Don't listen to them. You're beautiful." AWWW~ They were so sweet!! I'm really thankful for my small group of friends though. I told them what had happened in the hallways, and they were furious people were doing that to me. I told them it's all good (because it is), but just the fact that I have friends who care just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. End rant. Above is my outfit and lots of VD inspiration.

I love all of you & I hope everyone had a great day,