Feb 27, 2013

teenage creep

flower crown: diy, sweater: forever21, misc. jewelry: vintage or candy, undershirt: vintage, dress: etsy, tights: forever21, socks: ???, shoes: urban outfitters

So yesterday I had a really bad day. If Murphy's Law was a human, I'm sure they'd be my best friend. I got in trouble for dress code (...I was wearing leggings...), I jammed my finger, someone tripped me in the hall (I like to think it was an accident), and that's just to name a few things. But It's all good now, because today is a new day. Luckily, today was a lot better, and I even got a strawberry milkshake. Booyah (do people still say that? Oh well, I do). Anyways, I decided to take some selfies of myself in my new dress from etsy! It's from the sixties and it's perfect. I felt very groovy in it so I decided to make a slew of songs that are groovy (or just really good). So enjoy~


  1. I LOVE this! Your outfit and these photos are so rad.

  2. What a fab dress, Tessa! Also, Joan Jett record. I approve <3

  3. Oh, my god, that dress! :o


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